Maximise Your Audio And Visual Experience With Expanded Multiroom AV

The way we experience audio and visual media drives the way we shop, the things we care about, and even the way we view the world. And be it in your bathroom when you’re getting ready in the morning, the living room where you love to dance and sing, or that movie room where you kick back and relax, we want you to enjoy them to their fullest with the ultimate multi-room experience.

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Living Life Connected

Briant Communications wants to take everything you enjoy about audio and video—be it listing to music, catching up on news, or watching movies—and push it to every room in your home.

That’s right. We want to push your favorite content to bedrooms, bathrooms, the living room and kitchen, and anywhere else you want to enjoy high-definition entertainment; and all without limits.

Unlike conventional audio systems where you’re limited to a single room, we’re able to turn an entire home into a fully-connected experience. Simple put, we can connect every room of the house, with audio and video feeds and let you swap between them instantly with a touch of a button.

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How to turn your house into a truly connected home.

Here are a few of the streaming services and technologies you could expand to every room in your house:

  • Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and thousands of Others
  • Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Prime Video
  • Sky Q/HD Boxes, Virgin Tivo, Other Satellite Receivers
  • Blu-Ray Players or Media Players
  • And More!


Stream With Premium Connectivity

A truly universal matrix that lets you stream with premium connectivity, you’ll be able to sync and enjoy content in any room with a user-friendly controller that can even be connected to a smartphone or tablet.

It’s time to get the most of our every subscription, service, and audio/video experience. Let Briant Communications show you how to turn your house into a truly connected home.

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Easy From Start To Finish

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