Moving Home? Move To Better Broadband Too!

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When you do move it’s neve just a clean hop from one house to the next either. What with chains, bills and estate agents and solicitors to deal with finding your dream home can quickly become a nightmare!

Speaking of bills, most of them can be dealt with quite easily. You just have to tell your utility provider the date you moved and a meter reading and that’s usually about it. Unfortunately your broadband and TV bills probably won’t be that easy, especially if you’re not out of your minimum contract period. If you’re going somewhere where your current provider can continue to offer the same package you’re already on you should, ideally, be able to just change the address the bills go to. If not you may have to pay a penalty fee for breaking your contract early.

Talk To Your Broadband Provider As Early As Possible

You should aim to get your new service arranged a month or so before your moving date to ensure that you’re connected as soon as you arrive. If you’re moving to an address your current provider serves it should be as simple as letting them know your new address. However, they may not offer the best service if you’re moving somewhere out of the way, but it may be worth sticking with them until you find a better service provider to that area.

Check Your Contract Before Committing To Anything

Have you read your broadband contract recently? Of course not! It doesn’t make for entertaining reading, but you may find that you’re out of your minimum contract period. That means that you are free to find a new provider without having to incur penalties. If you only have a few months to go, again, it is probably worth staying with your current provider until the contract is up before finding another supplier. Why not ask if they’ll waive it? It doesn’t benefit them to do so, but there’s no harm in asking.

Check Broadband Coverage At Your New Address

Once you’ve established that you can change providers look and see who is offering coverage in the area around your new home. Currently Full Fibre coverage in the UK is varied. Some areas offer a great number of suppliers, especially in cities and towns. More rural areas have fewer broadband service providers. If you’re moving to the Adur and Worthing area then Cityfibre are most likely to be the infrastructure provider. You can look at their availability checker to see if your new address is connected and which service providers can supply the broadband data.

Figure Out Which Broadband Plan Is Best For You

Once you know who can supply broadband data, you need to find out who can supply the speed you need at a price you like. If you’re not really data hungry, you might look at social media, read online papers and magazines, watch TV via your router and stream the odd movie. In that case you don’t need Ultrafast internet, meaning you can find plans for around £25.00 per month. On the other hand if you’re looking for a plan for a household of high demand users you will probably want Gigabit speeds. This will allow everyone in the home to game, stream movies, videocall, download music and share files all at the same time with no apparent slowing of service. Ultrafast Gigabit plans are around £40.00 per month.

Why Not Go Contractless?

Some companies will supply your broadband without tying you into a contract at all. Briant Broadband has no contracts for domestic users at all. That means no credit checks, no line rental, and no minimum periods, so if you find a better deal you can leave immediately. However, Briant also have a like-for-like price match policy, so if you find a genuine like-for-like deal (excluding introductory offers and special deals) then Briant Broadband will match it.

The plans are flexible too. If you find you need faster data because your use is higher than you expected you can change your plan by simply calling 01903 221999. And the same goes if you find that you don’t need the speeds your current plan offers. Call the same number and choose a slower plan at a lower price. You can change whenever you need, and do so without admin fees. You can even pause your plan if you’re going to be away from home for 30 days or more, so you’re not paying for a service you’re not using.

New Hardware

When you change provider you’ll no doubt need a new router, you may need boosters or repeaters if your new property is large, has thick walls, or is prone to dark areas where reception is poor. Will you get the new devices for free? If you’re connecting to Full Fibre for the first time you certainly won’t be able to use your old router. Look out to see if there’s a free router and free connection. It will be free if you sign up to a long contract, but short contracts or contractless providers may charge for these (normally Briand Broadband does not charge domestic customers for these).

Look At Reviews And Recommendations

If you get a chance, ask your new neighbours who they’re with and how they find them. If that’s not possible check online review and recommendations websites such as Trustpilot and Google Reviews. This should give you a clear idea of what customers do and don’t like about their suppliers. The great thing is that the companies getting the reviews aren’t able to vet or edit what people are saying about them, so you know that the comments you’re reading are genuine opinions.

If you’re moving into the Adur and Worthing area you’ll hopefully find that Briand Broadband are among those who can supply your new home. Given that we’re the only genuinely local Worthing based broadband provider offering speeds up to 900 Mbps, flexible plans without contracts or line rental, and a like-for-like price match it then picking your next broadband internet provider should be an easy decision.

Call Briant Broadband on 01903 221999, email or visit the Briant Broadband website

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