Making Homes Safer, More Efficient And More Secure With Smart Home Technology

When we talk about Smart Home Solutions it’s usually put in terms of home entertainments and making it easier to control media. What is often overlooked is the ‘Home’ aspect of the technology. We’re dazzled with the fun and exciting developments, but often overlook the incredible opportunities ‘domotics’ are offering.

Domotics is the word coined to refer to domestic robotics. These are the devices which are smart, but are related to the smooth, efficient, comfortable running of the home rather than home entertainments. Domotic devices include heating controls, smart lights, air conditioning, blinds, shutters and access control.

These devices don’t leap out as being the most exciting items on your home’s complement of goods, but in terms of function, labour saving and economy, they’re the stand-outs that are going to save you enough money to invest in the fun stuff. Bear in mind that anything which saves you money is therefore reducing energy consumption, which means that you’re saving the environment too, which are all good arguments to look into domotic

Smart Home systems. A cosy, low cost, low labour home? Sign me up!

Smart Bulbs Are Lighting The Way For Smart Tech Uptake

Starting with the easiest things first, Smart lightbulbs are a boon in any home. While traditional bulbs are either on or off, with an option to dim if you really want, Smart lightbulbs do all that, plus much more. Not only are they dimmable by voice or touch pad control, there is the option to have them shine in in as many colours as you can imagine. Changing colours seems like an impractical frippery at first, but not only can it add mood to a room, or enhance your TV, coloured light can help you wake up or relax too. Lots of blue tinted light in the morning sends messages to the pineal gland that it’s time to wake up while pink or yellow tinged light tells us it’s time to go to sleep. Coloured light can help with some visual impairments as well. Coloured light will make complimentary colours stand out better, making them easier to see.

Smart Heating And Ventilation, A Cool New Idea

Then there’s Smart home heating control. Only having the heat come on when you need it, and only ever going up to the maximum you like it saves energy, and therefore money. With a Smart Thermostat you can control the heat from wherever you are, so if you get called away unexpectedly and you forget you left the heating on you can turn it off from wherever you are. Or, if you’re never sure when you’ll be home or for how long, why not geofence your home? Then the heating will go off when you leave and come on when you get home again. You need never pay to keep an empty house warm again!

Your air conditioning and ventilation can be operated via Smart Home Systems too. In much the same way the heat can be turned off and on when the demand is greatest, air con can be turned on only when you’re in the house and set to go off again once a comfortable temperature has been achieved. Some manufacturers claim as much as a 40% saving in energy when you convert to smart AC, meaning that your controller could easily pay for itself in the first year and make significant savings each subsequent year. And like Smart Home Heating, you can control it by voice, the app, or have it activate when you’re home and go off when you leave.

Then there are awnings and window shutters. Awnings are becoming increasingly popular as people want to make the most out of their gardens. An awning can provide shade and shelter over your patio so it’s comfortable to use whatever the British summer throws at your barbecue! Window shutters are popular on the continent and they’re coming to the UK in increasing numbers. If you just want a blind for privacy, or you want a shutter which will keep out intruders, or anything in between, there’s a Smart version. If you’ve a south facing room which becomes unbearably hot in summer then an external motorised shutter could be the solution you’re looking for. It will effortlessly come down when the sun shines, keeping the room cool, however, it’s also a great security device and will insulate the window in the winter. However, if shutters are a bit too much for you, a simple blind inside the window, be that Venetian, Roman, vertical or roller, they can all be managed using a simple app.

Smart Security Gives You Eyes, Ears, And A Nose For Detecting Trouble

Access control and CCTV also fall under the domotic smart home devices umbrella. The old wired version of CCTV cameras and intercoms had to be mounted where they could have a power supply and a cable which fed the images and sound inside. It’s one thing to put in a couple of screws, quite another to drill through a wall in order to pass power and TV cables through. If the prime location for a camera wasn’t near a power supply then a secure way of connecting it needed to be found. With Smart technology, that can all be done wirelessly, meaning they can be put anywhere, even away from the main building. If you need a CCTV camera in your shed, outbuildings, or detached garage Smart CCTV is perfect for you.

Because they run on batteries, they need to be efficient in order to prevent them failing just when they’re needed most. This means they are only activated when motion is detected and the images sent via your WiFi network to the cloud and your monitoring devices, such as your TV, phone or computer. Handily, they’ll also tell you in advance when you need to replace the batteries.

Finally, in the security and safety field, there are fire alarms, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Unlike the smoke and CO detectors we were all encouraged to install in our homes in recent decades, Smart detectors let you know if there’s an emergency wherever you are by not only sounding a piercing noise, but by also sending alerts to all of your monitoring devices. And again, when the batteries start to run down, you get a reminder sent well in advance of failure.

Not only do they alert you to a problem, but they tell you what the emergency is, and in which room. Being Smart they can also turn on the lights to aid evacuation and unlock the doors so that emergency services can gain access easily should you be in a position where you can’t get to the door yourself.

So not only is a fully integrated Smart Home warm, comfortable, secure and efficient, it’s also safer than homes have been before.

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