Is Your Home Connected To Full Fibre Yet?

Anyone living in Worthing will have noticed the engineers from Cityfibre putting purple wires into the ground, they’re probably on your street right now!

In fact those aren’t ordinary wires, those are fibre optic cables, and your home or business is currently being connected to Full Fibre, a nationwide programme of connecting people to superfast and ultrafast broadband internet, and foregoing old, slow copper phone lines.

Briant Broadband is a business partner of Cityfibre, making us your only genuinely Worthing based local internet service provider.

What does Full Fibre to the Property mean?

Cityfibre and several other infrastructure installers are part of a national programme to get as many people as possible onto superfast and ultrafast Full Fibre broadband by replacing old copper telephone wires with fibre optic cable which is able to deliver vast quantities of data in a flash. Full Fibre to the Property (or FTTP) means that you get fibre fast broadband right into your router direct from the local exchange. Because Full Fibre broadband eliminates old copper telephone wires altogether we’re now able to reliably bring you broadband speeds of 900 Mbps.

What does having access to Full Fibre mean to the consumer?

Greater speed and reliability means much more than being able to browse the internet faster than you could before. The more we come to rely on broadband data as a utility, the more important it becomes for us to have access to a reliable, consistent service. And that’s what Full Fibre ensures. Now that we’ve become more used to the role which data plays in our lives, the more we find uses for it. Your connected devices all rely on stable data to be able to function when you need them. Playing games online with people throughout the world is a leisure activity thousands of people engage in every day, and in order to be able to do that, they need lots of data!

Briant Broadband data packages offer different speeds at different prices to suit your use and budget. If you choose to go with our slowest plan you will receive the same kind of data speeds you could only expect from the best plans before the Full Fibre roll-out. You can stream movies, download music, check Facebook and upload pictures to Instagram, and still operate your Smart Home devices. The overall need for greater speed is driven by those who play online video games, Zoom or Facetime all the time, or who live with a household of people who all like to watch different movies all that the same time, as well as the data needs of Smart Home devices.

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Building Infrastructure For The Future

As demand for faster data continues to increase Full Fibre represents a potential future problem which is being fixed now. As working from home has become common for many of us since 2020, and Zooming with friends and family who we need to keep in touch with, the need for greater data speeds is something which is becoming paramount. The more we get used to something the more we expect it to always work. The same holds true for broadband data, and that’s why we’re doing something about it today.

Another thing which people are not aware of which will make a big difference to their broadband data needs is the plan to do away with the copper landline phone network within the next few years and use VoIP phones over fibre networks instead. Many don’t use a landline any longer anyway, but if you do want a landline phone, you will have to have a broadband provider instead.

Greater Flexibility

Because Briant Broadband don’t just re-sell another supplier’s products, we’re able to offer our customers a great deal of flexibility. For example, if you initially opt for a package isnt’ delivering enough speed and you keep experiencing buffering and stuttering when you’re watching a movie because the kids are in the next room gaming or Zooming, then we can increase the data speeds immediately. No admin fees, no need to give us notice, just give us a call and we’ll sort it out!

Additionally, if you’re going to be away from home for thirty days or more we offer you the opportunity to pause your data, because why should you pay for something you’re not using?

We believe that our customers deserve good quality customer service along with high speed broadband. Being local means we are able to take your calls in our Brighton Road and Stanford Square offices, and our installers are all local too. We know the area so when you call us to have a fibre router installed we can tell you more or less precisely when we’ll be there. No more waiting in all day for an engineer to turn up to do a five minute job!

So if you’ve seen the Cityfibre engineers working on your street and you’re keen to have Full Fibre broadband, get in touch! Remember Briant Broadband offers you these benefits:

  • Fast router installation by local installers. If we don’t get you connected within 48 hours of you agreeing to take our service, we’ll give you a month’s data FREE.
  • No line rental, no hidden extras. The price you see is the price you pay.
  • Flexible packages. Increase or decrease your broadband data speeds to suit your demand, you can even pause your service entirely if you’re going away for thirty days or more.
  • Introduce a friend or neighbour to Briant Broadband and receive a month of free broadband data each.

Interested? Have questions? Need to know if or when Full Fibre broadband will be available at your address? Get in touch! Call Briant Broadband on 01903 221999 or use the simple form to send us a message.


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