Why We Keep On Doing Our Work Maintaining TV Receivers & Data

You may be asking how come Briant Communications are still open for business while so many other businesses are on furlough or have shuttered for the duration. The simple answer is that we take our customers and clients health and safety very seriously, and as well as obeying all the government and scientists’ recommendations, we go above and beyond.

First of all much of our work is still considered vital. Life in the 21st century without TV, or broadband data wouldn’t just be dull, it would be almost unimaginable! We’ve come to depend so much on electronic technology that we would be lost without it. Lord Reith’s diktat for the BBC when it was established almost a century ago was for it to “inform, educate and entertain”. Imagine being in lockdown with a poor TV signal or no internet; how would you get your news, homeschool the kids, or keep them from getting bored staring at the same four walls. So that’s why we keep on doing what we do. Our offering is a vital public service.

Keeping a Safe Distance

Secondly, the tasks we carry out don’t generally involve direct contact with our clientele to begin with. While there may be times that it’s necessary for us to come indoors, you’ll usually find us up ladders making sure that your TV aerial or satellite dish is securely mounted, properly aligned and all the cables are securely attached. And if we’re not up a ladder we’re just as likely to be in a man hole splicing cable, or or some other out-of-the-way access point fitting fibre optic lines and data cables to data spines far away from the general public.

However, on occasion it is necessary for our engineers to enter your home, and when they do you can be sure that they’ve received all the necessary training and have a full supply of all the sanitary, hygiene and PPE that they need to enter your property safely. Our vans are all equipped with coveralls, facemasks, and surgical gloves. They have alcohol based hand sanitisers which they use every time they enter and leave a property, thereby reducing the risk of contamination and viral transfer to an absolute minimum. We also don’t hang about! We always aim to complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible while ensuring that you get the best quality outcome.

Limiting The Possibility For The Virus To Spread

Our office staff is now at an absolute minimum too. Where possible our receptionists and call handlers are working from home and there is no need for our engineers to come to our Worthing premises except to drop off paperwork. The result of this means there is no possibility for our base to become a vector for transmission or a site for ‘superspreaders’.

So, despite lockdown approaching its end, we feel it’s still incredibly important to keep a close eye on the correct procedures which will help to keep all of our community safe.

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