The Best Aerials And Satellite Receivers In Horsham

Briant Communications supply and install the best aerials and satellite dishes in Horsham and throughout Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire

We’re often called out to Horsham as our TV receiver installation and repair service covers much of the south east of England, so Horsham is well within our service area. Our team of expert engineers have all lived in southern England for years so we know Horsham well. Together with knowing the area, we also know the local circumstances that a town such as Horsham can face. We know about the damage gales can do, the harm that the heat of long hot summer days will have on electronics and the nuisance that birds can be when they nest on aerials and satellite dishes, or when tree branches knock against them.

Briant Communications was established in Sussex over 30 years ago and has a team of installers who all have a wide range of aerial and satellite equipment on their vans at all times. That means that no matter where you live in the Horsham area we can be with you quickly and have both the expertise and parts we need to get a new receiver system installed, or your older TV receivers repaired.

If your satellite TV dish is damaged, rusted, misaligned or dangerously loose we can repair, replace or simply remove the dish. It's not uncommon for satellite dishes in the south east to be buffeted by the high winds and rain we get during storms and eventually this will have a detrimental effect on your TV dish. Briant Communications are not only expert installers, but we can safely remove or realign receivers which have been bent or moved by the storms we experience every winter. We also undertake temporary relocation work if you've got scaffolding up or there is roofing work going on at your house. We can easily temporarily reposition your satellite dish on the scaffolding itself, or on another part of the roof until the work is concluded, when we can return it to its original position.

Superb Service In Sussex, Surrey And Hampshire

We are proud to have an excellent record when it comes to delivering a fabulous service and brilliant customer satisfaction. That starts when you call or email us with your problem right through to the point when the engineer leaves your home or business having installed or repaired the aerial or TV dish you needed.

Outstanding Customer Service in Horsham

You can also fill in the form at the the bottom of this page and somebody from our office will call you and arrange an appointment. Our call-outs are free, as are our no obligation price estimates. If you like the price we give you we try to do the job there and then.

We know that Horsham is a nice town full of people with any number of different needs. That’s why we offer such a comprehensive range of TV services. If you’re at home or have a bar or other hospitality business you may be interested in Sky Q or Sky HD packages for the most exciting channels, including movies, sports, documentaries and dramas available. Property managers in Horsham may be interested in fitting a communal aerial and satellite receiver systems. A single dish or aerial on the roof of a building is a much easier and efficient proposition than having a different receiver for every flat in the building. Not only does it look a great deal neater, it’s easier to deal with a single maintenance firm. Perfect if you’re responsible for the maintenance of an HMO or block of flats in the Horsham area.

Watch Television From Home, No Matter Where That Is

We also install satellite television dishes which receive foreign language broadcasts from all over Europe, North Africa, Turkey and the Middle East. If Horsham is your new home but you still want to watch television from Home, you have foreign guests at your hotel, or you’re a language teacher who uses TV as a education aid then we have a range of different receivers which we can install to provide both local and international TV wherever you live.

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