How Wireless Technology Continues To Help You Work From Home

wireless, wireless broadband, superfast broadband, broadband, internet, ISPAre you going to be affected by the train strikes this week, and a proposed teacher’s strike later on in the year?

The post-Covid recovery didn’t last long, did it? We were hoping that we could all get back to work, the economy would level out and we’d all be looking at better future, free of lockdowns and masks.

But what Covid did show us was that we’re OK working from home if it’s not possible to get into the office. In fact the structure for many offices has changed with meetings in the same building being conducted online, making sharing documents, visualisations and other assets immediately available to everyone. No need to find a meeting room and drag everyone away from their desk, making the meeting as low-impact as possible.

The only drawback for many people who have to commute, even if it’s just a few stops is the quality of internet they get. People living and working in Worthing, Hove, Brighton, and Chichester are lucky enough to get the latest broadband technology. On the other hand people living in the sticks have to suffer with technology which hasn’t been updated for decades, and was never designed to handle the amount of traffic that an online community working from home need. Briant Broadband’s Wireless internet service is the answer to that.

CityFibre is rolling out Full Fibre to many homes and businesses throughout Sussex, but it still won’t be available to many areas for some time to come.

Briant Broadband are keen in install Full Fibre where they can, and have a partnership with CityFibre which means we can use their infrastructure once it is in the ground. That partnership also means that we know where CityFibre won’t be installing Full Fibre at all (usually privately managed estates and particularly remote villages). Wherever CityFibre are unable to install, or they won’t be able to install fibre for a year or more, Briant Broadband are keen to provide a solution of our own. With Briant Broadband’s wireless option all we need to do is install a receiver to your home. We usually do this by simply attaching the mobile phone sized device to an existing aerial pole. Once it’s up there you’ll be able to access the Superfast internet for as little as £22.00 per month.

So if you’re working from home again this week, and anticipate increasing your work-from-home hours over the summer and onward, why not get in touch with Briant Broadband. We can install wireless receivers in homes and business addresses within 48 hours or less of receiving your call. In fact, if you have to wait more than 48 hours for our engineers to attach your wireless receiver, we’ll give you a month’s broadband FREE!

For more information about wireless broadband, or to find out when the Full Fibre roll-out will reach your home, get in touch! Send us an email or call us direct on 01903 221999

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