How Important Are Cabling, Satellite Dish & Aerial Servicing & Repairs?

cable installation, secure cable, cable, TV, TV cable, satellite TV, TV aerialWere you tricked by the weather? Did that brief glimpse of sun at the beginning of the month have you fooled that spring was here & that you’d soon be on the beach enjoying an ice cream & a few cold ones around the barbecue any minute now?
Weren’t we all! And now March is back in full effect. “In like a lion, out like a lamb” as the old expression goes. But I guess we all wanted something to look forward to so we thought winter had ended early. No such luck!

Gales and storms are back with us once again, and with that come the inevitable storm damage to aerials, satellite dishes, and loose cabling. The damage that storms and gales can do to TV receivers is obvious. They’re large surfaces secured to your wall or chimney by only a few bolts, bolts which can easily rust of become loose over time if not properly serviced and maintained. If the wind catches them hard enough, or long enough eventually they are going to get so loose that they fall down or fly away, presenting a huge danger of injury or property damage to anyone or anything which happens to cross their path.

Loose Cable Causes No End Of Problems

Loose cabling isn’t a problem so often addressed, although it can do a lot of damage and interfere with your TV reception far more quickly than an aerial or satellite dish if they were properly installed at the same time.

Let’s look at a for instance. You live in the lower floor of a tall building and the person who installed your aerial or satellite dish simply ran the cable from the receiver down the side of the building and into your home via a hole they drilled in the wall or window frame. If they took the time and trouble to secure the cable to the wall at regular points all the way down you’ll probably be OK. However, this involves a lot of climbing ladders, hammering, drilling, and what not. The job will be over much more quickly and cheaply if they just fix it at the top and bottom and hope for the best.

The Weather Is Always A Problem Without Regular Receiver Maintenance

Naturally, as the cable gets blown about by the wind it shakes, whips around, and tugs at the fixings which come loose very quickly as they’re designed to hold cable firmly in place, not to be pulled against every time there’s a bit of wind. Once those fixings have come loose the energy that was going into tugging at the fixings is going to be transferred to the terminal or plug and socket where the cable meets the receiver on the roof, at the splitter near the ground if the dish or aerial serves more than one home, or into your brickwork or the woodwork of your window or door frame.

The constant motion and pulling will damage any and all points where the cable is connected. It will damage terminals, the brickwork and woodwork, along with the cable itself. So you end up with terrible TV reception, especially when the weather is bad. Expensive equipment is so damaged that it needs to be replaced far sooner than the manufacturers anticipate, but it’s not covered by your warrantee as the damage was caused by faulty installation. Not only that but the damage caused to your home can be troublesome to fix too. Holes in brickwork can be refilled. It’s not a hard job, but it’s one you should never have had to do if your cable had been installed professionally to begin with. Holes in wooded, uPVC or metal window frames are a different matter though.

Only Trust Professional Installers & Maintenance Engineers

Because they are so much easier than solid brick to drill through many odd job men used to choose this means to get cable from the outside of your property in. If, and that’s a big ‘if’ the cable was secured properly and the hole correctly sealed (along with durable grommets in where cable passes through metal) and painted over with exterior paint, then the installation should enjoy a long and trouble-free life. However, the chances of that are slim. When the job wasn’t completed properly you’ll often find that cable is simply poked through the frame and into a socket box.

This inferior installation has a multitude of problems associated with it. Movement of cable when it goes though a metal or uPVC frame will result in the cable becoming frayed, and eventually snapping. Movement in a wooden frame will result in moisture being able to get in. Once moisture sits inside the hole the wood will begin to deteriorate, causing the frame to rot. That one little hole where the cable goes through will become a large hole where the wind gets though and will mean you need to replace your window.

If your satellite dish, aerial or cable are moving about in the winds we’ve ben experiencing in the past few days and you’ve been experiencing poor TV reception, or you’re just interested in having your receivers serviced to ensure there are no problems in the future, give Briant Communications a call. We’ve decades of experience installing, maintaining and servicing TV receivers on buildings of every size and shape. We offer a free, no obligation estimate, and if you’re happy with the price, most routine servicing and maintenance can be carried out the same day.

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