Home Networking

Today in the average UK household we rely on so much technology to work and socialise in everyday life, in particular the Internet. We offer a host of home networking services from the everyday simple task to the more detailed….

We can provide:

Home Wi-Fi Network range extensions
Sky On-Demand wireless setups
CAT 5 / Ethernet Home Networks
Additional Telephone & TV Sockets
Fully Automated Home Systems

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The staff in the office were polite and helpful, discussed my options and then booked an engineer to visit my property. The engineer was the same, polite and helpful.Mike Rowland, Croydon

We install a wide range of TV distribution systems to suit every need, including CAT5 home networking systems, HDMI full HD distribution systems, Fibre Optic TV distribution systems and coaxial TV & FM/DAB radio distribution systems.

What is Home Networking?

home networkingIn terms of ‘the home/general property’, networking is a structured system of cables which integrates our daily electrical requirements, all at the touch of a button. Whether that is surfing the internet on your tablet in the lounge, dimming the lights or turning up the sound of the home cinema, what is integral to them all is a solid underlying structured network.

We offer a number of services in the structured networking sector, both in the design and the installation of structured low voltage electrical cabling, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 & Cat7 cabling, VOIP cabling, Video infrastructures (HDMI), Multiroom Speaker Systems, Home Automation cabling, as well as Multimode & Single mode Fibre.

Sometimes cabling just isn’t possible, i.e. between commercial sites or from the main house to an outbuilding, and where this is the case, we are fully skilled in all wireless communications, and offer point-to-point solutions, linking the networks between buildings, effortlessly and economically.

All cabling once installed in the “first fix” are tested to ensure there are no nasty surprises once the cables are in situ, with a full test report and certification produced!

TV Distribution

Not many people are aware that there are a number of ways of viewing your TV, Satellite and Internet all throughout your home, fed from a central location….but we are!

Do you want to watch AND control your Sky TV in your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom individually? Or perhaps get full 1080p HD from your Satellite HD receiver in more than one location without the need for additional subscription charges?

Why choose us for your home automation?

Whatever you require, at Briant Communications we ensure all customers are 100% satisfied with their home set-up. With 30 years’ experience and well over 50’000 customers serviced and satisfied, we are sure to be able to help you get what you want.