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Movies play an essential role in how we enjoy and experience the world around us. They make us cry, make us laugh, and educate us like other mediums simply can’t do. That’s why we at Briant Communications want to create a premium movie-watching experience in your own home.

As a 30-year audio and video expert, we’re passionate about creating impressive home theatre systems that make every sound and visual an engaging, exciting personal experience that you can only get from high-end, personalised home cinema.

We’ve all spent the evening at the theatre or have spent an afternoon with friends or family taking in the latest flick. But nothings better than relaxing on your couch enjoying popcorn, Ultra Hight Definition video, and deep, thumping bass designed specifically for your senses.

Our custom home entertainment systems are designed using the latest in cinema watching experiences. What’s more, we can create bespoke entertainment systems that can be used to enjoy:

  • Ultra High-Definition Movies
  • Major Sports
  • Culture, Music and News
  • Streaming App’s such as Netflix, Prime Video and more
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Laptops and HDMI Devices

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Completely Designed Around Your Viewing And Listening Experience

We can install everything from 5.1 surround-sound systems, sound bars, projectors, televisions, projector screens, and much more.

When you want to get the most out of your movie, TV or gaming experience, let Briant Communications design, develop and install a custom home cinema layout that maximises each moment. We’ll also integrate your other smart in home control devices with your system, expanding your ability to enjoy even more apps and personal services.

Don’t settle for standard TV wall hanging or a project sitting on a side table; let our advanced engineers show you how to take your personal movie watching experience to a whole new level with bespoke audio and visual services.

The cinema is somewhere that feels natural; whether a first date, a Sunday afternoon with the kids or a Wednesday night meet up with friends, everyone loves the cinema! So why when we want to watch our favourite films, do we settle for second-rate broadcasts; standard definition quality video, 2 channel audio and endless remotes?

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What Is A Home Cinema?

A home cinema, also referred to as a home theatre, refers to a home entertainment system that is designed to reproduce a cinema/movie theatre experience and mood, with the help of visual and audio equipment typically located in a private home.

The home cinema is commonly mistaken as something that is used to watch only films/movies when in actual fact if set up, it can be used to watch; Sport, Entertainment, Culture, Music, News and more within a touch of a button.

Also streaming devices such as Netflix, Gaming Consoles and even the work Laptop, they can all be seen and heard upon these systems.

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How Far Can You Go With Home Cinema?

It could be as simple as having an improved audio device in place instead of the TV’s already built-in speakers, such as a sound bar or even better, a 5.1 surround-sound system.

Or it could mean changing the visual device from a TV to a projector screen which is often a firm favourate. Alternatively you could go all out and dedicate a whole room to the home cinema and have the room custom-designed so you get the best cinema experience possible.

This would mean designing and planning the room and home cinema layout…. and this can be integrated with a home control device if you have one or if you are thinking of turning your home ‘smart’.

With a home cinema system from Briant Communications, get the look and sounds of a Cineplex at a fraction of the cost you believe it to be today in the comfort of your own home with a free quote.

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