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Briant Communications have been a communications technology installer for homes, retail, industrial and office spaces throughout the Bognor Regis area for over three decades. As technology has advanced the business has developed with it. Briant Communications have a core staff who are experts in networking, Wi-Fi, and internet cabling and fibre installation.

Fast, reliable Wi-Fi broadband is no longer seen as a luxury, it’s now included in the Consumer Price Index ‘basket of goods’ along with products such as bread and petrol which economists use to track trends and measure consumer price inflation, a key guide to household costs and spending. Because we’ve come to rely on it so much, a strong, stable, reliable Wi-Fi signal is vital for many of us to conduct our everyday lives. So if you’re in Brighton but not getting reliable Wi-Fi, what can you do?

Superb Fast Reliable Wireless Internet Installation In Bognor Regis

The first thing to do if you live or have a business in Bognor Regis and you’re not getting the best wireless internet reception is to talk to a local Wi-Fi installation service. Poor Wi-Fi signal could be down to a number of factors, including a damaged router, obstructions to the signal, being out of range, or damaged cable.

A skilled Wi-Fi installation engineer will be able to call on your property in Bognor Regis, examine your hardware, identify the problem, and hopefully give you the solution which will end your Wi-Fi problems. For example, the solution may be as simple as moving the router to a better location in the home, placing more devices in range of the signal. If the building is too large or relocating the router isn’t possible then Wi-Fi signal extenders and internet boosters or Mesh devices could be used to increase signal strength wherever it’s needed.

It’s because of the way we rely on Wi-Fi so heavily today that it’s so important to get the best hardware installed. There are an ever increasing number of devices which rely on a strong wireless internet signal, devices which would fail without internet reception, that interruptions, disruptions and blind spots in the home where signal was too weak. Most smart home technology requires a strong signal for one connected device to be able to communicate and control another. Watching Netflix movies on your TV requires an uninterrupted connection to exist between your TV and the computer you’re casting from. Easy enough if the television is in the same room as the router or laptop, but not always if there are walls or floors between the two devices.

Dependable Smart Home Devices

It’s not only home entertainment and lifestyle devices such as environmental controls which depend on professional installation and strong internet signal strength. Smart access controls, intercoms and door monitors, CCTV and smart burglar alarms also require uninterrupted Wi-Fi in order to be operated properly. And this is why Briant Communications are so keen to see that their customers in Bognor Regis all get exceptionally good Wi-Fi throughout the home.

As well as an excellent router, strong repeaters and Wi-Fi extenders, your wireless internet signal also depends very much on the internet cabling which leads from your internet service provider’s hubs through the streets, past your front door and into your router. Many internet service providers are now using fibre as far as your property, but once it gets to your gate, you may be relying on coax cable or phone lines which are decades old. So while there may only be a few metres of wire leading from your router to the rest of Bognor Regis and beyond, it’s this cabling which is the most likely to be where a fault will be found.

Briant Communications are experts in both fibre optic installation and repairs, along with being qualified metal cable installers too. This means that no matter what the trouble is you’re having with your wireless internet, from the Wi-Fi signal not being strong enough to reach every room in the house or garden, blind spots where the signal is weak in one area, to slow internet speeds because of cable damage or poor connections, Briant Communications are the internet installation company to call.

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