Have Great Broadband, But Still Have Slow Wi-Fi?

Installing A Mesh Network Could Be Your Solution To Wi-Fi Shadows And Dark Spotsmesh disk, mesh network, broadband network, home network, home broadband

While your broadband provider gives you incredible internet access speeds, you may find that too many users at the same time and the distance you are from your router can have a significant effect on the speed that you’re able to surf the web. What can you do about it?

Several things can affect the speed you get when you’re actually browsing, the distance from your router, the number of people trying to use the internet at the same time, walls, or even heavy furniture can all have a detrimental effect. While the position of your router is important, there are some things which just can’t be overcome that way, so you may need to invest in a mesh network to solve dark spots.

The Further You Go The Slower The Flow

Wireless routers can only deliver a strong signal for a limited range. As you get toward the extent of that range you will see speeds slowing as the weaker signal affects the amount of data your devices can receive. The router is designed to have a limited range as making them more powerful would mean that householders would find that all their neighbours’ Wi-Fi signal was coming through as strongly as their own, which causes a variety of problems including ‘noise’, interference and tethering problems for devices which automatically connect to the strongest signal.

So people living in a larger than average home, or who want to extend their Wi-Fi’s reach into the garden have to find a way of broadening the reach of their reception. One of the best solutions available at the moment is a mesh network, a series of devices (usually in the form of ‘disks’ or ‘satellites’) which can be dotted around the home to improve signal wherever you are.

Unlike extenders (another device which is designed to improve signal) mesh disks don’t simply re-send the signal they receive. In a mesh system the series of disks act like mini routers themselves meaning you can put them around the home to achieve full coverage and because they’re a network they all work together without having to be connected individually. And because they connect individually you can add more later if you need them.

Stable Wi-Fi  Wherever You Go

So while it’s always a good idea to plug your main computer, TV and any devices which need complete and uninterruptable connection to the internet directly into your router via an ethernet cable, a mesh network will give you reliable fast broadband throughout your home, delivering all of the benefits of wireless connectivity with far fewer of the down-sides.

Another benefit of having complete Wi-Fi coverage is the fact that once you’ve achieved it, you can go on to fully automate your home with Smart devices. If they’re going to work properly Smart devices need constant access to Wi-Fi data. If there are rooms which don’t get coverage, or it’s patchy and unreliable you can’t depend on your smart home tech to work effectively when you want it to.

Of course all this depends on having a superfast or ultrafast broadband to begin with. No system or network can create speeds which just aren’t there. Contact Briant Broadband on 01903 221999 to find out more about wireless and Full Fibre broadband.

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