Full Fibre Makes You A Winner When It Comes To Gaming

local broadband, fast broadband, Worthing broadband, full fibreAny online gaming fan knows the horror of an unexpected interruption to Wi-Fi reception or a slow connection causing freezing and buffering just when you didn’t need it. You’ve got the enemy in your sights, you pull the trigger and nothing but a spinning wheel of death. By the time you’re back up you’ve already respawned and been killed three times and you’re on your way out again.

If you’re the bill payer and chief game player, or your kids hassle you constantly to get better broadband because they’re too embarrassed to go online to play since they can never keep up with the action you might be interested in taking up Full Fibre when CityFibre install it in your area

Full Fibre delivers the kind of internet connection which mean that everyone in the house can be playing in an international tournament, streaming a movie and checking Facebook all at the same time and not see any slowing in their data speed.

Freed by Full Fibre Speed

Because Full Fibre delivers internet at the speed of light it’s unbeatable when it comes to delivering Superfast and Ultrafast symmetrical download and upload speeds. What that means is lag or “ping” is as close to zero as it’s possible to get. What does that mean? It means it takes less time for your button presses to show up on your opponent’s screen than it took for your command to go from your brain to your finger.

What’s Up With Latency?

High latency creates longer ping. There are several ways to reduce it, but none of them will get close to zero ping if you’re not on a reliable ultrafast Full Fibre internet connection. But you can improve your ping by taking care of

  • Closing background programmes and apps
  • Disable updates while you’re playing
  • Connect your computer or console to the router via the ethernet cable
  • Turn off or disconnect other computers, Smart / IoT devices
  • Choose a server nearest to you whenever you can
  • Ensure your computer has as much free memory as possible
  • Get a new router which is designed to handle Superfast and Ultrafast fibre

Constant Connection

Having Full Fibre, that is a complete end to end fibre optic connection means that you will always get the maximum speed possible under your preferred package, even at peak use times. There’s no throttling to give other users preferred treatment, and fibre itself is an incredibly robust technology. Fibre filaments are thinner than a hair, but up to 8 times stronger than copper cables. As well as being less likely to break or succumb to damage, fibre can be laid anywhere without being affected by interference, or ‘noise’ created by powerlines and electrical fields.

Futureproof Your Fun With Full Fibre

Inside a generation we’ve seen computer graphics transform from 8 bit characters hopping around platforms and mazes to 4k games which use graphics which are almost indistinguishable from live action. Graphics this clear, and at a frame rate of 60fps (more than twice as fast as analogue TV or PAL DVD) need the support of an amazingly fast delivery system, which is exactly what Full Fibre gives you. And as other gaming developments make themselves a reality, such as eye tracking, gesture recognition and fully immersive HD VR, the need for speed is only going to increase. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Full Fibre is designed for. Unlike copper phone lines, it was only ever intended to deliver huge amounts of data at the speed of light, and as technology continues to get smaller and faster, that’s exactly what it will continue to do for generations to come.

If you’re interested in finding Full Fibre speeds for your home why not try Briant Broadband? We offer Superfast and Ultrafast broadband speeds up to 900 Mbps while delivering fast, friendly local customer service to Worthing and the surrounding areas. What’s more, we do that without contracts, line rental, or any of the other hidden extras you expect to find when buying broadband.

So give us a call on 01903 221999, email info@briatbroadband.com or visit the Briant Broadband website.

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