Fibre Optic TV Systems

‘Very much the Rolls Royce of Communal TV Systems.’

We have a wide team of engineers across the South East of England between Hastings, Brighton, Southampton and London that service repair and install a Fibre Optic TV Systems, ensuring you have a TV System you don’t have to worry about.

We offer a full consultation, design, installation and maintenance service to talk you through how a Fibre Optic TV System can benefit you and your clients.

We can provide:

Current Communal TV System Assessment
Full TV system evaluation, we are able to provide reports on the status of the system with potential ways to improve it and make the most out of it.

Design, Repair and Installation.
We are able to provide you with everything you need when it comes to your TV system. We are your one stop solution when it comes to Communal TV Systems.

Cost Effective, Simple to Understand Recommendations
Many people are baffled by thee technical terminology that industry experts use. We will provide you with easy to understand services.

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Initial instruction to survey a block, through to installation Briant Communications have always communicated very well, their staff are courteous and resident feedback has always been positive.Paul Taylor, Parsons Son & Basley, Bognor

What is a Fibre Optic TV System?

Fibre-optic TV is a network of cables, each consisting of strands of glass the breadth of a human hair that carry digital signals along the length of the transmission line. Also known as optical fibres, hundreds of these finely spun glass fibres are bundled together within a protective sheath and transmit television program information through pulses of light.

Although relatively new to the TV industry, Fibre Optic distribution is quickly becoming a very popular choice when dealing with any large scale industrial or housing developments, due to the great distances signals can travel without losing any of their strength or quality. Fibre Optic is a great option.

Perfect for developments, flats and large scale applications

Briant Communications are currently working with building contractors and house builders to bring this relatively new technology into the home of the everyday consumer. Although Communal TV Systems are often associated with blocks of flats, we are currently working on several large scale housing developments where up to 500 houses and flats all receive Sky/Freesat TV, Freeview TV and digital radio signals from one single Satellite Dish and Aerial location.