Communal TV Systems

We have been servicing all types of Communal TV Systems for the past 26 years and continue to offer the highest, most efficient service across the South-East.

There’s a reason why we are the number one choice for over 60 Property Management companies.

Whether you are just after some advice, want a standard TV Aerial to serve multiple properties or want an ‘all singing and dancing’ Fibre Optic IRS TV System we can take all the stress out of your hands and leave you with a robust, fully functional TV System.

We are currently working with building contractors and house builders to bring Fibre Optic TV Systems into the home of the everyday consumer. Although Communal TV Systems are often associated with blocks of flats, we cover large scale housing developments where up to 500 houses and flats all receive Sky/Freesat TV, Freeview TV and digital radio signals from one single Satellite Dish and Aerial location.

Communal Television Solutions Made Simple.

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Briant Communications have provided an extremely efficient service to Linden Homes on several large sites and we are looking forward to working with them on future developments.Jamie Green, Linden Homes, Technical Coordinator

4G Interference

If your clients have recently started having problems with their TV reception chances are it could be down to the new 4G mobile phone transmissions.

Our engineers work in partnership with ‘at800’ and have been fully trained on identifying and rectifying 4G related faults. Read more about 4G Interference here or contact our commercial team today on 0800 652 45 98.

Fibre Optic TV

Fibre-Optic TV

Fibre Optic distribution makes sense when dealing with any large scale industrial or housing developments due to the great distances signals can travel without losing any of their strength or quality.

Contact our commercial team today on 0800 652 45 98 to discuss any aspect of Fibre Optic TV work you may require or read more about our Fibre Optic services here.

IRS TV Systems

IRS TV Systems

We have been installing IRS TV Systems for 20+ years providing thousands of homes with communal TV. We have installed systems ranging from 4 connected properties up to 400.

An IRS TV system is a solution for providing communal TV that offers a great choice of TV whilst also supplying radio for the Hi-Fi enthusiast. Read more here.

TV System

Other TV Systems

There are a wide range of TV Systems all providing a varied service. That’s why at Briant Communications we recognise that you may require a simple, cost effective Communal TV System or maybe a top of the range Fibre Optic IRS TV System.

Contact our commercial team today on 0800 652 45 98 to discuss any aspect of TV Systems you may require or read more here.