Communal TV System Upgrade – Worthing

History of the Block

A managing agent from Worthing, West Sussex are property managers of a block in Worthing,  Wentworth Court, who continually had issues with the communal TV system.

The block was built in the 70’s where it was commonplace for cabling to be installed in a “tap” formation. Which cables were installed from the top down with a single cable would be installed it to the flat below, and then to subsequent flats until the ground floor.

The Issue

This installation practice does cause issues when homeowners change the outlet plate to decorative when they are decorating or refurbishing the home. If someone changes the plate this can cause issues both in the flat where the plate has been changed and all of those flats below the changed plate. Also as these cables have been cut into numerous times to “tap” out to the flats, the cable is valuable to failure.

Wentworth Courts communal TV system was affected by both issues, as well as residents wishing to have satellite services added to their communal system. Tapped systems cannot have satellite added to them as each property needs to be fed with an individual cable from the headend.

The Directors for the block were concerned that maintenance costs to repair these faults were adding up over the years and as the demographic of the block was becoming younger, they were requiring services such as Sky that previously had not been requested, and that a Communal TV System Upgrade was required.

Another issue was that Wentworth Court was 7 floors and away from the roadway and handstanding meaning that the installation couldn’t be completed by ladders or from a cherry picker.

The Solution

Briant Communications have IRATA trained rope access operatives that allows us to undertake even the most challenging of installations. Therefore we used a combination of ropes and ladders, and resources that would allow us to complete the job in a timely manner meant that Briant Communications were selected for the Communal TV System Upgrade.

The installation of a new communal system was completed in one day, with 4 Aerial Engineers present with 2 Labourers together with 2 Rope Technicians, with the job started at 7.00am and completed by 17.00, with all flats being supplied with 2 new cables from the headend located in the lift motor room. This allows each flat access to Sky/Sky HD+, Freeview, FM and DAB Radio.

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