Communal Fibre TV System – Hindhead

When Thakeham, a local developer who specialises in high-quality new homes across Sussex, Hampshire, and Surrey, approached Briant Communications in 2013, they had a vision of building a beautiful development in a beautiful location in Hindhead, Surrey.

One issue surrounding Thakeham, along with numerous high-quality specialist builders, is how to keep the beautiful development, remain beautiful when people move in, and bring with them the day-to-day items that can distract from the ascetics of such developments.

One key thought from the management at Thakeham was how do we ensure that the site is not distracted from when residents install their Aerials and Sky/Satellite dishes when they move in, without trying to micro-manage the site and the residents, telling them: “you can’t do this. you can’t do that”.

We sat down with them, looked at architectural drawings for services that were being implemented within the walkways and roads of the site and introduced them to a Communal Fibre TV System.

This Communal Fibre TV System would run alongside all the services that would be introduced into each home as per normal but in an additional duct.

From a single Aerial and Satellite array, between 1 and 10,000 properties can be connected to the Communal Fibre TV System, therefore allowing everyone from the site the ability to connect to a completed TV system on the day they move in. Therefore managing the ascetics of the site, and offering another service to their purchasers, and giving Thakeham yet another USP (unique selling point) over their competition.

Services that were added to the Communal Fibre TV System at Hindhead for Thakeham were Freeview, FM, and DAB (Radio services both Analogue and Digital) and Satellite, which gave access to Sky and Freesat. The set up that Thakeham decided for was for the Lounge and Master Bedroom to have Freeview, FM/DAB and Sky Plus (2 Feeds) each and then all other Bedrooms and Kitchens to have Freeview, but with the ability for this to be completely customisable by the purchaser once they moved in.

Briant Communications in the autumn of 2015 ensured the site was completed, with all 20 properties within the Hindhead site connected to the Communal Fibre TV System, with the specifications that Thakeham and their architects set.

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