Choosing Your Next Broadband Provider: Top Tips

Image courtesy of working from home, contractless broadband, wireless, full fibreFinding the best broadband deal that suits both your demand for high speed internet and your budget can be quite the juggling act. First you have to find a provider who serves your area, then you have to navigate all the different packages they offer, comparing this price with that, the speed, the duration of the contract, and then there’s the additional extras they don’t tell you about until you put your order in. Line rental? That’s another £25 or more per month. Installation? £40 to £50 should cover it.

And it’s vital that you choose the right deal, and pick carefully since you could be in that contract for between 12 to 24 months. Choose badly and you could be paying through the nose for your data, or paying a lower price for really poor speeds, which amounts to the same thing. You can’t get out of the contract without paying penalties, or if your provider does do a package which is better for you, you may be due admin fees if you decide you need to change.

And your needs can change at any time. Get a Smart HDTV and suddenly your need for fast internet spikes. Your college age kids move out to go to university and suddenly you only need a fraction of the bandwidth you had before. So do you stick with a plan which no longer suits you, or do you pay the admin fees to get a better product?

Of course that doesn’t apply at Briant Broadband. We don’t do contracts, so you can leave any time you like (but do let us know if you decide to leave, we might be able to help). We don’t charge admin fees so you can change your package whenever you need to with just a phone call to our Worthing based offices. And there’s no line rental to pay either. The price you see is the price you pay. No tricks or hidden extras. However, if you do decide to use our completely optional VoIP service there’s a £9.00 per month fee, and for that you get unlimited free local, national and mobile calls, along with cheaper international calls. (Unfortunately premium rate charges still apply.)

Comparing the Broadband Market

Price: One of your first considerations when buying and product or service is price. If something isn’t good value for money it makes no sense to buy it. The problem is with so many different products all promising so many different things, it’s hard to make a like-for-like comparison. To make it easy, Briant Broadband offer to price match any genuine like-for-like price available (excluding introductory discounts and special offers). What’s more, if you decide you need to change your package you can do that simply by phoning 01903 221999. We can change your plan right away and what’s more, there are no admin fees.

Speed: What speed do you need? The greater the speed the better your smart devices will work, the easier games will run, movies stream without buffering or freezing. So the speed you need really depends on the number of devices which are going to be connected to your network and the way you use the internet. If you don’t have smart home automation and you only use your computer to access social media and watch YouTube or on demand TV the speed you need is going to be nothing like the speed needed by a household of people who live online.

Check the broadband speed in your area. May broadband internet providers advertise “speeds up to”, however, that’s based on peak service in an optimal situation. The speeds they are actually able to deliver to your home may be considerably lower. (If you are tied into a contract and your speeds are significantly lower than what you expected you may be able to get out of the contract without incurring penalties, giving you the opportunity to look for another provider who can deliver.)

Limits: Most broadband internet providers offer unlimited data these days, but not all. Some still have a limit to the amount of data under their “fair use” policies. You’ll find they’re fair to them, but not to you! You may find that your service cuts out entirely, forcing you to buy additional data, or they’ll simply charge you by adding additional fees to your Direct Debit without warning, or indeed telling you that you’ve exceeded your monthly limit.

Contracts: When you enter into a contract with your broadband provider you’ll usually sign up for 12, 18, or 24 months. Read it carefully, especially the parts about annual price rises and early termination fees. The longer the contract’s minimum term the cheaper the monthly bill, but the penalties for leaving are higher, meaning that if a better deal comes along, you move to an area the company doesn’t serve, or you just don’t need it any more you end up losing out.

Extras: Look at what else you’ll be charged for and provided with when you decide on a deal. Many broadband providers still charge a line rental and provide a landline, even though most people rarely use their landline any more. If you’re getting your TV bundle along with your broadband will you get the same channels when you change providers? It is possible to keep your TV package while changing broadband provider, but it’s best to talk to your current provider before making any changes if TV is something which is particularly important to your household.

If you do use your landline a lot, consider using VoIP instead. There is a monthly fee, but it’s much less than standard line rental, and if you use it a lot for outbound calls it could save you money as local, national, international, and mobile calls are considerably cheaper, if not free.

When you’ve looked at all the other options, compare that to what you get with Briant Broadband. As well as fast, friendly, expert local customer service you get symmetrical upload and download speeds as standard, stable, reliable Full Fibre connection, genuine like-for-like price matches, no admin fees for changing plans, no line rental, no hidden extras, no contracts, minimum time limits, no credit checks, and no price rises before 2024. And if you’re a customer of ours and you introduce a friend to our service you’ll each get a month’s data for free.

For more information and to book your installation date call 01903 221999, email or visit the Briant Broadband website.

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