Now you’ve switched broadband provider, what about your old router?

router, wireless, digital, broadband, internet, We’re all trying to do our bit for the environment by reducing waste, recycling and reusing where we can, and that notion includes old redundant and retired tech as well, but what’s the use of an old router you don’t need any more? You might be surprised to learn that there is life in your old router yet!

When you sign up with Briant Broadband you’ll not be able to use your old router as ours run on fibre optic data rather than electronic signals down a copper wire. But that doesn’t mean it’s useless, or that you should necessarily throw it away. (Please note, if you do dispose of it, it can’t be thrown in either recycling or non-recyclable landfill and should be taken to your local refuse centre where they can recover the metals and minerals used to build it safely.)

Briant Broadband supply a brand new fibre router with our Full Fibre broadband packages. The products we provide are extremely good, they’re reliable with a signal which is more than sufficient for most homes. However, if you encountered areas in your home where reception wasn’t so good, for example where thick walls, or parts of the house which were simply too far away from the router meant that the signal was weak, then your old device could come to the rescue! Read more

Our Most Frequently Asked Phone Questions At Briant Broadband

We have our Frequently Asked Questions of course, and our "Frequently Unasked Questions"  but what are the top 5 questions everybody always seems to ask when they are on the phone to Briant Broadband?

Well, after speaking to our MD who takes many of the phone enquiries himself, we came up with these evergreen asks which seem to be on everyone’s mind.

Frequently Asked Phone Questions

Can you guarantee speed?
Generally, yes! When it comes to Full Fibre we can guarantee that you will get the speeds we advertise all the time as there is a permanent physical connection between you and the local exchange. Full Fibre means that there is no copper cable element in the system, and it’s copper wire which can often be singled out for blame for slower speeds at busy times as it’s not possible for copper to convey the amount of data that fibre can handle easily.
We do everything we can to also ensure that our wireless customers get the speeds they’re promised too. We use a waveband which isn’t affected by rain, fog or even electrical storms and transmit 200 Mbps, meaning that our service would have to degrade by more than 50% for our 100 Mbps customers to stop getting the speeds we promise. That just leaves our 200 Mbps wireless customers who may experience a slight slowing of speeds if there is a problem with our transmitter. However, 200 Mbps is a lot more than homes have had available to them up to now via ADSL or Fibre to the Cabinet broadband internet services. So although we place the caveat “speeds up to” on our product information, we don’t envisage our customers getting anything less than what they pay for, except in infrequent circumstances beyond our control.
What’s the latency like with Briant Broadband?
For most of us latency isn’t really an issue. Latency is the gap between you sending data and its arriving at its destination and vice versa. It doesn’t particularly matter to people browsing the internet shopping or looking at social media.

Streaming movies or listening to podcasts without downloading them first isn’t really affected as your computer will usually download five or ten minutes of video or audio in advance so any latency is covered up. Latency is an issue for you if you’re a regular online game player. Latency when you’re playing FPS games will make you a sitting target and ruin your accuracy. Experience it on flight sims or driving games and you could collide with things you weren’t meant to or miss other objects. With Full Fibre broadband latency isn't an issue at all unless there are a lot of people in your household all using the internet at the same time. However, if you do start to experience latency issues it may be worth talking to Briant Broadband about upgrading your package to one better suited to your useage

What are the costs, and what are the terms of the contract?
Our prices are clear and transparent:
100 Mbps Superfast Wireless for £22
150 Mbps Ultrafast Full Fibre for £28
300 Mbps Ultrafast Full Fibre for £32
500 Mbps Ultrafast Full Fibre for £36
900 Mbps Ultrafast Full Fibre for £40
If you decide to take up a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone there’s an additional fee of £9.99 per month, however VoIP is an option which Briant Broadband customers are in no way bound to take up.
We don’t have contracts. That means no credit checks, and no lengthy forms to fill in. Being contractless has other advantages too. For instance, because you’re not tied into a contract you can change your package to suit you. So if your high usage child moves out or goes to university you can drop your plan to better suit your needs, or if you discover the joys of streaming HD movies, gaming online or indeed your high-use offspring move back in you’re free to upgrade your plan without pesky delays of admin fees. Just call us up and we’ll switch you over. Not being tied to a contract allows us to do what precious few other utility providers do, and that’s pause your plan if you’re away from home for 30 days or more. We know not all of our users are permanent local residents, or you may have other reasons for needing to turn off your service for a month or so. That’s no problem. Just give us a call or drop us an email with the date you want your plan paused and we’ll take care of it, again, without charging you an admin fee.
Is the service you provide affected by the weather?
Absolutely not. Briant Broadband Full Fibre is a permanent connection to the exchange via a fibre optic cable which not only delivers up to 900 Mbps, it is also sheathed and armoured so that it is very hard to break. Where the cables aren’t laid underground they are hung from a telegraph pole, just like your old phone lines were. While these cables might get pulled about in harsh weather they have been tested to destruction and have proven themselves to be a match for even the worst weather.
On the other hand, if you are going with our wireless option then rest assured that the wavelength that we use to send broadband to our customers is also unaffected by poor weather, including lighting storms, high winds, rain and fog.
Can I use my router to watch TV?
Of course. Most smart TVs can be linked wirelessly to your router or receiver through the remote control, if not you may need to get a Firestick or Chromecast which you plug into the back of the TV, or, if your TV is located near to your router, you can plug it in directly with an ethernet cable. That’s really all there is to it.

Our Worthing Based Engineers Are Among Our Best Assets

local broadband, fast broadband, Worthing broadbandBriant Broadband prides itself on being a Worthing based company who offer excellent, friendly, expert customer service.

Being local we like to think that we know our customers, their needs, and the unique service issues living on the South Downs brings. As expert installers with years of experience between us, we know that we can surmount most of these issues and deliver the kind of service that any paying customer has the right to expect and demand.

Being Worthing based gives us unique insight into the way we can best serve our customers. When you call us you’re not talking to someone on a call centre thousands of miles away, you’re speaking to a neighbour who know your area. If you’re looking for a wireless connection we know which buildings might get in the way of your signal while if you’re waiting for a fibre connection we know which areas are being connected at present, which are already connected, and which will be getting connected in the coming months. That kind of local knowledge can’t be emulated by someone who isn’t even sure where Worthing is!

Being local means we’re responsive too. If you’ve been shopping around for a new broadband deal recently you’ll have seen that connection can take up to two weeks while pre-orders can be anything up to three months depending on the service you want. Briant Broadband promise to get you connected with 48 hours or we’ll give you a month’s internet free. It’s being local which makes that possible; we just need to grab a router or wireless receiver from stock and we can come over and install it for you right away. No sending out routers by post or courier for us! Read more

Why We Think ‘Local’ Is Briant Broadband’s Unique Selling Point

broadband supplier, ISP, worthing ISP, worthing broadband,Briant Broadband prides itself on being a local company which brings friendly, expert customer service to the broadband internet provider industry, but why is ‘local’ so important?

Many other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will let you know that they’re local, but in reality they’re either re-selling the same products as the national ISPs or they consider ‘local’ to be anywhere in the south of England.

Briant Broadband is different because we are your only genuine local ISP. Our service area stretches as far as Hove to the east, East Preston to the west and a few miles inland from Worthing up into the South Downs, and because all our company directors and engineers live in Worthing we feel we have the right to say local!

What does having a local ISP mean to our customers?

When you signed on with your first broadband contract you probably had to wait several days to be connected. You might have received a router in the mail, or even had to wait for an engineer to come and connect you. Because all our engineers live in Worthing we’re able to install your router or wireless receiver in 2 days or quicker. If we can’t get you up and running within 48 hours we’ll give you a month’s internet for free, but we’re usually able to connect you even faster than that.

Local also means that you can pop into our offices and talk to us about what you need. We’re always happy to chat data! It gives you a chance to get to know us, and us to get to know what it is you need so we can advise you on the best package for your needs. And we don’t oversell. We don’t need to! With our flexible packages you can switch to a different plan any time you like, without admin fees or other hidden extras. In fact, if you’re going to be away from home for 30 days or more you can pause your package altogether so you’re not paying for something you’re not using. Read more

Why Choose Briant Broadband Superfast Wireless?

superfast wireless, wireless broadband, worthing broadband, sussex broadband, worthing wirelessBriant Broadband is the only truly local Worthing based broadband internet service provider, offering superfast wireless or Full Fibre solutions to everyone in the wider Adur and Worthing area.

Briant Broadband are partnered with Cityfibre, who are currently installing and connecting homes in Worthing, but what if you’re not in one of the towns or villages at the top of their list for installation?

That’s where Briant Broadband’s Superfast Wireless comes in!

Homes and businesses which aren’t due to be connected to Full Fibre in the immediate future could easily and quickly be connected to Briant Broadband’s superfast wireless service instead. Many of the people who come within our coverage area have never been well served by the best known internet service providers before. Slow connection, unreliable service and high prices have been a problem for people of the South Downs for some time, but Briant Broadband aims to put an end to that.

Instead of connecting you to the internet via a phone line or fibre optic cable if you choose wireless we can install a receiver in next to no time. And once you’re connected you’ll be able to receive up to 200 Mbps (depending on the wireless plan you choose) meaning that you’ll be able to stream movies, download music, share files and browse the internet faster than you ever have before! Read more

Why Should You Choose Briant Broadband?

When you’re shopping around for a new broadband internet service provider there are a range of different things you need: speed, reliability, and a good price. The great thing is, Briant Broadband has that and more.

Briant Broadband provides a wide range of different plans, more than just about any other broadband provider on the market. We pride ourselves on our flexibility when it comes to the service we provide to our customers. When you take out a plan with Briant Broadband you’re not tied into a contract like you are with other providers. If you find that the plan you start with turns out to be unsuitable you can change it. If it’s too expensive you can go to a slower package for which we charge less, or, if you’re not getting the speed you need you can move to a faster plan. We’ll adjust your bill accordingly, but we won’t charge you an admin fee for changing. You can also pause your package if you’re going to be away from home for 30 days or more, because we don’t expect you to pay for something you’re not using.

How does that equate to so many plans? Well, because we have several plans stretching from £22 per month to £40 per month it makes it easier for our customers to budget. So if you found that your 100 Mbps plan was too slow the next level up is our 150 Mbps which is only a few pounds more. Without the range of plans to choose from the next stage up would cost at least £10 a month more. Read more

How Much Data Is In Your Broadband Data Plan?

Aerial, satellite dish, installation, home entertainment, TV hanging, TV mounting, TV wall hanging, smart home, smart home automation, smart home security, security, security devices, home security, home security camera, house alarm, business alarm, business security, home automation, environmental control, smart lighting, smart lights, smart home system, cable installation, fibre optic installation, fibre installation, fibre repair, fibre optic repair, fibre data, fibre broadband, wireless data, wireless broadband, internet service provider, isp, wireless internet service provider, wisp, worthing, arundel, angmering, hove, littlehampton, south coast, sussex, UK,Briant Broadband offers Superfast wireless broadband and Full Fibre Superfast and Ultrafast broadband throughout the Worthing and Adur region. We offer

But what is Superfast Wireless, Ultrafast Full Fibre, and what do the speeds mean to you as a consumer? 

Briant Broadband’s Superfast wireless broadband is available to people living in Worthing and beyond who can see the top of the Bayside apartment building from their home. We have a transmitter located on Bayside’s roof which we use to beam broadband data without the need for cables, phone lines or line rental. Because it’s wireless we are limited to the amount of data we can supply, currently that’s 100 Mbps to each customer. However, that ‘limit’ still allows us to deliver data speeds greater than you would have expected to find with a service which depended on copper phone lines. Read more

Is Your Home Connected To Full Fibre Yet?

Anyone living in Worthing will have noticed the engineers from Cityfibre putting purple wires into the ground, they’re probably on your street right now!

In fact those aren’t ordinary wires, those are fibre optic cables, and your home or business is currently being connected to Full Fibre, a nationwide programme of connecting people to superfast and ultrafast broadband internet, and foregoing old, slow copper phone lines.

Briant Broadband is a business partner of Cityfibre, making us your only genuinely Worthing based local internet service provider.

What does Full Fibre to the Property mean?

Cityfibre and several other infrastructure installers are part of a national programme to get as many people as possible onto superfast and ultrafast Full Fibre broadband by replacing old copper telephone wires with fibre optic cable which is able to deliver vast quantities of data in a flash. Full Fibre to the Property (or FTTP) means that you get fibre fast broadband right into your router direct from the local exchange. Because Full Fibre broadband eliminates old copper telephone wires altogether we’re now able to reliably bring you broadband speeds of 900 Mbps. Read more

How Cleaning Up Your Google Assistant or Alexa Device Will Improve Performance

google assistant, smart home assistant, smart home automationGoogle Assistants, smart speakers, Alexa devices and all kinds of IOT Smart stuff are a way of life for many of us. While once they were a gadget which it was just kind of cool to have around the house, their usefulness and practicality has made them a firm favourite with anyone who used them regularly. However, over time you might find that your home network is slowing down. And here’s why.

Of course it’s down to age, but this isn’t a blog bemoaning built in obsolescence. The fact is that if you’ve been living with a smart home network for any length of time you’re going to have added smart devices which you no longer use, they may have not been as useful as you expected, you may have bought it on a whim, connected it and forgotten all about it, or, the device may have been lost, got broken, or thrown out. Read more

Broadband Data Prices Are On The Rise, But Not At Briant’s!

The cost of living is going up, and there seems to be very little we can do about it. Energy providers are shutting down and making it almost impossible to shop around for other companies. There are gaps on the shelves of supermarkets as products and the ingredients necessary to make our own foods are stuck at borders, making food more expensive over-all, and now, to follow suit, all the big name broadband providers are hiking their prices too.

If you’re with Virgin you have the opportunity to quit your contract by 18th of February because they don’t have a clause in their broadband data contract with lets them put their prices up annually, meaning that one their price rises are announce they have to give their customers the chance to opt out.

If you’re with any of the other main broadband internet providers your options are rather more limited as they do have clauses in their contracts which allow them to increase how much you pay.

And if you’re affected by the price rises, you could face having to find a lot more for your broadband data. Depending on your provider and the contract you’re in, it could see your bill going up by more than 20%. That can be more than £50 per year for many users, users who, according to many comments on Facebook and Twitter are generally unhappy with the levels of reliability, customer service, and professionalism shown at many levels, including call centres, help desks, and engineers. Read more