Building, Renovating Or Refurbing? We Need To Talk About Data Cable!

fibre installation, fibre optic, ultrafast fibre dataWhether you’re renovating an old building, adding an extension, or building a new project from the ground up, it’s always a good idea to think about futureproofing. You wouldn’t leave electric wiring or plumbing out and add it as an afterthought, so why leave data cable to last?

Can installing digital infrastructure really be considered ‘futureproofing’ at all? We can all see how digital broadband data is here to stay, the only question is, how much of it we’re going to need as we become ever more data hungry? Ten years ago you would have been happy for one computer in your house to get fast access to Facebook to see who had most recently thrown a sheep at you or poked you (no, nobody knew then, nobody knows now. It was just one of those things), but today we need ‘instant on’ when we’re streaming movies, watching online TV, downloading and sharing music, and of course, checking our news feed on Facebook… And that’s not even considering the data that’s needed for Smart Home Automation devices and the demands that Covid has put on us in regards to working from home, always being in & needing to find ways of entertaining the kids and breaking up the Groundhog Day-like monotony of lockdown after lockdown. Putting all those aspects of modern home life and, together with Moore’s Law that technology becomes cheaper, faster and smaller with every passing year, it’s hard to imagine what the home without a broadband spine leading from the router to the street, or a strong, stable ultrafast wireless broadband connection would look like to Future Us.

Broadband For All Whose Business Is Building

Architects, builders, specifiers, renovators, and property managers all need to be aware of the latest technologies and approach them with an open mind. It’s a certainty that ‘good enough’ today will absolutely not be good enough for tomorrow, so why not anticipate accordingly?

Naturally wireless is the most convenient of all as all you need do is place WiFi devices within range and Bingo, you’re up and running. But those devices need power, and if they need power then they need cable and outlets. So why not install wiring which can deliver power AND data, leaving WiFi bandwidth free for mobile and battery operated devices? We’re already seeing USB power outlets alongside three pin socket, but not everybody is using them when installing new cable or rewiring old buildings; an oversight with is going to become increasingly annoying with every passing year.

Data Cable Without The Fuss

Now consider the devices which need data, but also need far more power than a USB port can provide. If they take a lot of electricity they probably take a lot of data too. So why not install fibre optic cables? There are many benefits to fibre over copper cable, including speed, safety, and convenience. While it’s true that you need installation and any repairs to the fibre to be carried out by a specialist, they’re much easier to work with, including running them along cable trunking, none of this ‘not running data in parallel with power’ mantra. They can all go in the same tray, making installation faster, easier and therefore cheaper.

Whatever your data needs Briant Communications can provide. We’re CEDIA approved and have years of experience installing all types of data networking infrastructure to domestic, retail, office, and industrial clients all over the south east. Whatever stage of a renovation or new build you’re at, it’s never too early or too late to email us at or call on 01273 465377 for a consultation about your data cabling infrastructure, fibre optic installation, and wireless digital broadband.

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