Briant Security Systems

Briant Security Systems are here to help you keep your home & business a safe, comfortable place to live or work.

As part of Briant Communications, our engineers and installers have accrued many years’ experience fitting a range of electronic and entertainment systems throughout the south east of England, and those electronics often included CCTV, intruder alarms and fire safety equipment.

Briant Security Systems primarily take advantage of the latest Smart Home technology in order to be able to give you an easier to manage, controllable, integrated home security system which is far superior to the traditional ‘box on the wall’ deterrent we’re currently used to seeing.

The advantage Smart Home security systems have is that they use wireless data and the internet instead of phone lines to let you, or the emergency services know what’s going on. For example, video cassette CCTV would record onto a tape which had been recorded over many times before so images were notoriously indistinct and the recording was made on site, with inherent problems: if an intruder found the recorder all they had to do was remove the tape and the evidence was gone.

Fast forward to today’s Smart CCTV. Motion sensors mean that the cameras only record when there is something to see, meaning you don’t have to spin through hours of tape to find an intruder breaking in. They record in the highest image quality available, even in complete darkness if you’ve invested in night vision, and the video is sent to you wherever you are via your phone or computer, as well as being stored in the cloud for you to come back to whenever you need it.

Our burglar alarms can be linked to a range of different devices via secure Smart Home Systems which provide numerous benefits. Just like more traditional burglar alarm systems you can have alerts sent to you, a keyholder and your security monitoring service, the alarms can be silent or siren, it can also trigger indoor cameras and lighting. Separate sensors can be used to tell you which room an intruder is in so you can direct police exactly where they need to go, making apprehension fast and efficient.

Knowing exactly where a problem is occurring is solved by the fire, flood, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors we install too. If an emergency is detected you can have an alert sent which tells you the nature of the problem, and where it is too. Lights will come on automatically and, if you also have Smart access control, your doors will unlock, making escape faster and safer, and allowing the emergency services access without having to break down doors.

If you’re considering installing any type of intruder or emergency alarm, get in touch with Briant Security Systems first. We offer a free, no obligation consultation where we will be happy to go over what would be the best for the property concerned, estimate cost, and schedule a timescale for completion. Once installed we’ll also help you synchronise all of the devices so that you are in complete control of what happens if and when an emergency arises. We supply and install many of the leading, most trusted brands of Smart home security systems, including Hive, Nest, Ring and Control4.

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