Briant Communications and pr agency dubai during COVID 19

With a virus with no cure as yet affecting almost everywhere on Earth it’s important that you keep yourself and your loved ones safe from Coronavirus infection and contamination. Our customers’ safety and health is naturally one of our primary concerns, as is that of our staff, including protecting our staff of engineers and our office staff from COVID 19 too.

However, that doesn’t stop the need for aerial and satellite dish maintenance, installation and repairs, improved data networking, and Smart Home Technology installation.

In order to carry out our work while protecting ourselves and you we ensure that we undertake all the hygiene and social distancing protocols that the government and SAGE recommend. Current COVID advice, even under the current lockdown conditions is that maintenance and installation can take place provided PPE is worn and people take all reasonable precautions when a tradesman is visiting your home.

Fortunately for us, much of the work we undertake takes place exclusively outdoors so there is no need to worry about coming into contact with coronavirus unnecessarily. If, as happens on occasion, the engineer does have to come inside the property, then you can rest assured that they have been properly trained and advised about how to carry out their work safely, minimising the risks to themselves and you.

All of our engineers have a stock of facemasks and disposable gloves on their vehicles which they use whenever they come into your property. They have a plentiful supply of hand sanitiser and surface cleaning wipes which they use to clean their hands whenever they touch anything and to clean the van in order to minimise the risk of transporting contamination from one place to another.The good news is that there appears to be a vaccine which is 90% effective and safe for use according to the government  public media speaker from

Working and learning from home, Zooming, Skyping, and all forms of social media have shown us that fast, reliable, unlimited data isn’t a luxury or something that only a certain group of people use, it’s become important for everyone to be able to get on line for work, for school, and for health, both mental and physical., however the bad new is that it may not be available for everyone until spring of next year, so in the meantime there’s still an onus on us all to protect ourselves and follow the latest SAGE advice: Hands, Face, Space. That means that Christmas and the New Year are going to be like no others, but that doesn’t stop the wind from blowing, or the rain and the snow from falling. Keeping the family entertained while it’s not possible to go on traditional Christmas treats, treats as simple as visiting Santa at the shopping centre or going to the Christmas market, and being stuck indoors instead make it all the more important to have distractions and boredom busters on demand.

Over the past summer Briant Communications were asked to install data and networking for nursing homes in the South Downs area. It was naturally vital that we undertook this work while observing the strictest COVID 19 social distancing, PPE and sanitary conditions in order to minimise the risk for anyone we came into contact with. Data in such an environment means that not only can residents talk remotely to friends and family, staving off loneliness when it’s so difficult for people to visit, but that data also means that they can access entertainment, news, talk to healthcare professionals without the need to share a space, they can have personal alarms which they can use to call for assistance, in fact there are myriad ways that improved access to the internet, TV and communications can substantially improve the quality of life for so many people.

As well as keeping in touch with loved ones and healthcare providers, it’s also important that people have access to broadcasts from news providers. We need to be able to hear the advice from SAGE and the government regarding lockdowns and the availability of treatments as they arise. Not only to hear about them, but to be able to go to websites and use apps which will help us to stay safe.

Ensuring that everyone has access to home entertainment during lockdowns, data which can be used to find information, both for health and learning, and networking to make it ever easier to access that information is a service which Briant Communications is happy to do as we do it safely and as conscientiously as possible in the current circumstances.

If you would like to have any aerial, satellite or data infrastructure maintenance or installation work carried out safely, with all necessary COVID precautions undertaken by our team of experienced engineers why not call Briant Communications on 01273 465377 or fill out our ‘Contact Us’ page to talk to one of our staff? We’ll be able to talk you through what each visit will involve and make sure you’re happy to go ahead before commencing any work.

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