Briant Broadband: Ultrafast Broadband Internet From A Local Business

fibre installation, fibre optic, ultrafast fibre dataBriant Communications isn’t just about TV aerials, satellite dishes and smart home security installation. We are now in the process of developing an arm of the business which will supply competitively priced broadband internet at ultrafast speeds to businesses and households in Worthing and the surrounding districts.

We’ve teamed up with several partners to ensure that we are able to provide data either by fibre to the door, or via wireless transmitters and receivers to people living in our wider neighbourhood. These partnerships include the help and cooperation of property owners who have agreed to allow us to locate a site on the roof of one of their new developments. This partnership holds benefits for both us as a supplier, and for the property management service.

Thanks to our partnership residents have internet from the very moment they move in (unless they choose to go with another internet provider, as is their right). Residents can access our ultrafast broadband simply by plugging devices straight into the wall, or wirelessly using the data which is being transmitted from the roof via Briant Broadband’s hardware. The benefits to the consumer are a hassle free, local provider who can be on the scene in next to no time if there are any issues only a specialist on-site engineer can fix. The benefits to the property management company are that they can not only provide data as a utility, they only have to deal with one company, the staff of which are known to and trusted by all, so there’s no need for strangers to turn up out of the blue because a resident is having a problem.

Another benefit of having one company service the installation, maintenance and the data itself is that there is always a papertrail. We know what we installed, when, and by which staff member. That doesn’t just mean we know who carried out the work if things ever do go wrong, but  it also mean is that there is incredibly high consistency of  quality workmanship throughout. There will be no unskilled odd-job men fiddling about, instead there will be fully qualified and vetted trained engineers who will only install approved brand-named goods to the highest installation regulations. We’ll know when servicing needs to take place, easily identify faults and repair or replace systems at the end of their serviceable period without waiting for them to break down or fail.

Ultrafast Digital Internet Data For Householders, Property Managers and Businesses Throughout Worthing And Beyond

We’re currently in the process of winning PIA and Code powers which will enable us to access the infrastructure that already exists under your street. When we have those permissions in the New Year we will be able to install fibre optic internet cable into the ducting that is down there so we can supply your home with our ultrafast digital data via a medium which is not only fast, but completely reliable. And if, for any reason we can’t install fibre broadband into your home, then we’ll use wireless technology to make sure you’re not left out. The transmitter we have on that roof in Worthing which supplies all the residents is so powerful it can send data up to 15km along the coast, and northward inland up the Downs. So long as you can see the site, you can be sure of getting ultrafast wireless broadband.

Currently there are several areas in the Worthing, Adur and outlying areas which don’t get acceptable Wi-Fi coverage, nor do they receive data via the latest proven technologies. Instead they are left to cope on copper wire connections which are limited in the distance they can reach before the quality and power of the signal no longer supports the speed they need. Another problem with relying on copper wire is that the technology was installed a long time ago, in the middle of the last century in some instances, and it was designed to carry the sound of your voice, not the full light and sound spectacular of a Hollywood blockbuster movie as it happens. With fibre this is no problem at all, so the authority to install our fibre optic cables under the streets near your home is paramount. Fortunately this work will cause very little disruption. It’s in our interests as well as our customers’ to get the fibre installed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because the infrastructure, such as ducting already exists, the most of us you’re likely to see is our van parked at the end of your street and two of our engineers pulling a cable out of a manhole.

No Hidden Costs For Ultrafast Fibre Broadband From Briant’s Broadband

This previous dependence on the British Telecom copper cable meant hidden costs too. The ads for fast and superfast broadband by our competitors all seem to have “plus line rental” in the small-print when you look closely at the amazing low prices they quote. Well, we offer amazing low prices too, but because we don’t use any outdated copper wire which belongs to someone else, we don’t charge that fee! The prices you see on our website are the prices you pay. Not a penny more. And there’s another thing. Because we’re small and locally focused, we’re flexible and adaptable. So you might want to pay for your whole year up front, or you might want to pay monthly by direct debit. But if you find that you’re not using anything like the amount you thought you would, or, vice versa, if you’re on a lower data package and you find you run out before the end of each month, all you need do is talk to us and we’ll move you onto a plan which better suits your needs.

The basic packages Briant Broadband is currently making available are:

  • Fast Broadband internet from £22.00 per month. This package offers up to 40Mbps. This is perfect for people who don’t use a great deal of data day to day, and just want to browse the web, shop online, or use social media for a couple of hours each evening.
  • Super-fast Broadband internet from £31.00 per month for 80Mbps. With this amount of data you can watch movies, play games with other people online and still do all the browsing and shopping you like.
  • Ultra-fast broadband internet from £40.00 per month is designed for people working from home on data heavy projects who still want to stream movies with the family, download music, play games and use Facebook, TikTok and Twitter for the rest of the day.

Whichever package you choose you’ll get free installation, a router, and the kind of service you can only expect from a company who are based on your doorstep and know your area. Briant Broadband is an arm of Briant Communications, a family run Worthing based business which has been serving customers with TV aerial, satellite and network infrastructure for over three decades. With the move from analogue to digital we moved into areas such as wireless networking, fibre installation & repair, and the latest Smart Home technologies. We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of all the latest home entertainment and electronics developments, so it was only natural that when the opportunity to get into provide the very data itself that our favourite technologies run on, it was a naturally simple decision.
To find out more about ultrafast broadband to your home or business call our dedicated broadband customer enquiries line on 01903 221999.

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