Briant Broadband Is Having An Autumn Sale!

broadband sale, broadband bargain, broadband offerChoose our 150 Mbps plan and you’ll only pay £24.00 for the first six months you’re with us*

Briant Broadband have a special offer, making our best value Full Fibre plan even better.

Choose our 150 Mbps plan and it’s yours for £24.00 per month for the first six months of your time with us. 

150 Mbps Ultrarfast Full Fibre date is great for the average data user, it’s plenty fast enough to browse the web, stream movies, download music and upload photos, movies and reels, and with it you get Briant Broadband’s friendly, expert, local customer service, a month FREE for both you and your friend if you introduce them to our service, no contracts, no line rental or other hidden fees.

It’s Full Fibre to the home so it’s the most reliable, stable way to buy broadband and if you find that 150 Mbps isn’t fast enough you can change your plan whenever you like. Choosing faster speeds means more people in your home can go online at the same time, play games without lag, download Ultra HD movies in no time, and enjoy all the other benefits of Superfast and Ultrafast broadband.

Full Fibre also means that we are able to guarantee the speed we promise. You might notice other broadband companies say “speeds up to” in their advertising, meaning that you might not get the speed you’re expecting at all, or you might only get it once in a while, so long as nobody else in town is using the internet at the same time. Full Fibre puts an end to that as we’re able to use fibre optic technology to ensure you get the speed you expect all the time, no matter how busy the network is.

Connection is free, and easy! You’ve probably already got fibre infrastructure installed along your street, wither under the ground or via overhead wires, just like phone lines. All we need to do is complete the final step of connecting a new router to the fibre infrastructure which has been installed by our partners at Cityfibre and you’re away. Connection usually only takes a few minutes, and can be done at a time and date to suit you.

Full Fibre also means that there is no lag, latency, or ‘ping’. Important if you’re big into gaming online with re big into gaming online with our friends. Nobody wants a delay between the console and the action, and NOBODY needs the Spinning Wheel of Death any time, but especially not when you’re racing around Mushroom World, in  a flight sim, or about to deliver the KO in Fortnite.

And as well as doing everything World Wide Web related, you’ll also find that all of your Smart Home devices work more efficiently as they have all the data they need, and you can watch TV without buffering or glitching too. If you have a Smart TV you can connect wirelessly, or by using an ethernet cable if your TV is located close enough to the router.

Because we don’t have contracts you can change your plan whenever you like, and even leave without penalty whenever you like, even before your 6 month discount is over. We don’t think you will thanks to our great prices, excellent customer service and commitment to your satisfaction, but we know life happens.


*Price for 150 Mbps reverts to £28.00 per month after 6 months. Buy now.


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