Briant Broadband For Housing Blocks, HMOs And Developments

local broadband, fast broadband, Worthing broadbandIt’s in no way unusual for a home of multiple occupancy (HMO), apartment block or housing development to run from a single communal television receiver or satellite dish. Companies such as Briant Communications install, repair and maintain those all the time and the benefits are obvious: Professional, insured and guaranteed work and parts, accountability, dealing with a single operator, their familiarity with you, your properties and purchasing process are all a far better proposition than having residents finding their own unvetted, unknown, unprofessional installers scaling the walls, drilling holes and hanging uninsured, untested, equipment sourced from who-knows-where.

If you follow our blog you’ll have seen some of the before and after photos we’ve shared. From multiple aerial and sky dish installations which have been an ongoing amateur project for years, undertaken by any number of bodgers, home-handymen and DIYers to splitters and cable installations which look like high tech birds’ nests shoved into lofts and cupboards under stairs before being abandoned. The photos don’t only show that our engineers take making the installation look good, we ensure that the kit works properly and any subsequent engineer who has to work with it will know it was a job well done, will see immediately where each cable goes, what switch does what and, ideally, be able to fix whatever broke immediately and with the least amount of fuss.

It’s with this experience, professionalism and dedication that Briant Communications are entering the realm of ultrafast digital broadband data for HMOs and apartment buildings through their latest service, Briant Broadband.

The benefits are the same, installation and maintenance is carried out by a single local company who knows you, the buildings where the users live, and the local area too. There are also the benefits for residents too. There is a broadband service ready and waiting as soon as they move in, plans are flexible to suit any kind of data user, and for a small additional fee there is the option to take up a VoIP phone service too.

Briant Broadband is initially being made available to consumers within a 15km radius of Worthing and can be subscribed to by tenants, home-owners, property mangers and landlords who wish to supply ultrafast data to their residents knowing that there will be no need for unknown installers to come onto the property digging up gardens, drilling through walls or damaging fixtures and fittings in each and every home in your portfolio!

Three Decades Experience Throughout The South East

Instead, what Briant Broadband offers is the skill and expertise of an installation company which has been serving Sussex, Kent, Surrey and South London for more than 30 years, and in that time has built up an outstanding reputation and relationships with many of the managers of the region’s housing developments, apartment complexes, HMOs, retirement homes and housing blocks.

Clean, tidy, professional installation means that there should be very few problems for consumers, but if there are then we are always only a phone call away. All our engineers live in the area, and our offices are a stone’s throw from the beach and Worthing town centre. This means that when you call us you’re not speaking to a robot or a human being, but located in an outsourced callcentre miles away, you’re talking to someone in your area who can tell you right away who they’re sending and when they should be arriving.

If you’re responsible for an HMO, apartment block or housing development and you’d be interested in the advantages of dealing directly with a local broadband supplier visit our Briant Broadband page on the website or call the broadband department direct on 01903 221999

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