Briant Broadband And CityFibre Bring Full Fibre To Worthing

full fibre, fibre installation, cityfibre, fibre broadband, broadband internet, internet service provider, By 2025 the UK should be well into the process of withdrawing copper cables for broadband and phone lines, having replaced a projected minimum 85% with fibre optic cable instead.

The plan is to swap from outdated copper phone lines to gigabit fibre technology with the least interruption possible, so if your current cable comes under the ground that’s where the new line will go. Similarly, if your phone or broadband cable comes via a telegraph pole, that’s how your new fibre connection will be made.

Many homes are already connected to Full Fibre technology. Many others are connected to Fibre to the Cabinet, a broadband system which takes advantage of both copper and fibre to quickly and cheaply give better (but not gigabit broadband) internet to homes and business.

Briant Broadband are working closely with CityFibre to make Full Fibre available to as many people in Adur and Worthing as possible. CityFibre are one of the national infrastructure providers who’ve been retained to make the 2025 broadband rollout a reality. Among others, they are responsible for installing millions of kilometres of fibre optic cable from data centres through exchanges to streets throughout the country. Once it’s in place it’s up to companies such as broadband ISPs like Briant Broadband to connect the end of the fibre filament to a router in your home so you can enjoy up to 900 Mbps with complete reliability.

While there is a certain amount of digging up roads and the consequent disruption to traffic, we hope that the long term benefits of futureproof fibre technology outweigh the short term problems that installation causes.

Who are CityFibre

CityFibre are an installation company who provide homes and businesses with the futureproof technology they need to achieve Full Fibre broadband speeds today. As technology evolves the fibre infrastructure they are installing today will make it possible to enjoy those advances without further disruption for many years.

So what is Full Fibre?

Full Fibre is the term we use for a complete fibre optic connection which goes all the way from your router to your local exchange and on to the data centre which handles all of your region’s internet traffic. By having a single medium to run through, and one which can handle more information than any other, you are able to enjoy the fastest speeds currently available.

The current alternative to Full Fibre is FTTC, or Fibre to the Cabinet. This connects fibre from the local exchange to the green phone cabinet you probably have at the end of your street. From there to your home it’s back to copper cable, a technology which was fine for phone calls and internet surfing the old fashioned way. Now that we’re using internet data for TV, browsing, The Internet of Things, Smart CCTV, Burglar alarms and video conferencing, we’re finding that having even that short stretch of connection being slower than fibre can make a massive difference in your internet experience.

What are the advantages of Full Fibre?

Whatever you use your internet data for, whether it’s watching HD movies, downloading music, Zooming with friends or running Smart devices, the faster the data, the more efficiently they all work. Because the faster the data the quicker they can upload or download all they need, which means no freezing or buffering, no matter how many devices you have connected to one router.

Full Fibre technology makes this speed possible, and Briant Broadband offer the internet data which flows through it. Along with Superfast and Ultrafast broadband internet options at excellent prices, Briant’s also give you fast, friendly, expert local customer service. That means getting you connected as quickly as possible, and once you are a customer you’ll find that you’re always dealt with quickly and efficiently by a team of people who live in the area. So no calling call centres hundreds of miles away or waiting for engineers who have to travel across many counties to reach you!

When will I be able to switch to Cityfibre’s network?

If you live in Adur and Worthing and you can’t get Full Fibre already, it won’t be long! More and more streets are being added connected every week, so if you can’t get Full Fibre right now, it will only be a matter of weeks, months at the most until they reach you. Of course you can check to see if Full Fibre is available on your street by going to Cityfibre’s postcode checker. You can check out the services our competitors offer while you’re there. If you find something cheaper, check the small-print! Will you be signed into a contract for years? Briant Broadband don’t do that! We don’t have contracts, credit checks, admin fees or hidden extras. You can even pause your plan if you’re going to be away from home for 30 days or more, so you don’t pay for something you’re not using.

What about Full Fibre for businesses?

No matter what size your business, from side hussle at home through cafes, restaurants, hotels and offices, you need fast, reliable broadband at a price which isn’t going the break the bank. Full Fibre broadband means being able to have a guest network your customers and guests are going to be able to use while your core uses, such as POS, and contactless card machines, your email servers, and internet, and connected security devices such as Smart security cameras, burglar, fire and smoke alarms all work reliably without slowing down or dropping out during busy periods.

For more information about Briant Broadband, our services, broadband data plans, and customer service, call us on 01903 221999, visit us at Briant broadband or drop us an email.

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