Black Friday Begins A Week Early This Year, So Prepare For Fantastic Offers

home entertainment systems installationIt’s almost time to get Black Friday deals in the UK

Up until recently Black Friday wasn’t a thing in the UK. It’s commonly known that most retailers don’t make a profit until November or December, but until a few years ago shops didn’t make a big deal of it or run sales events to get rid of old stock to make room for new. And once it caught on thanks to Britons becoming more and more aware of it thanks to social media, then retailers with an eye for a promotion started promoting Black Friday events here too.

However, they quickly stopped doing it again when shoppers, eager for a deal and egged on by the hype, stormed the shops, tore them to pieces and several shoppers got quite badly hurt. Consequently they quietly scaled back the hype and Black Friday became a mere mid-season sale.

Budget For Brilliant Bargains On Black Friday

While the high street retailers aren’t making a big deal out of it, it is possible to get huge discounts in the run up to Christmas from online shopping platforms such as Amazon.

92% of shoppers are aware of Black Friday, however, as few as 42% say they are actually preparing for it, budgeting in October in order to have the available cash to splurge once those deals hit. If you didn’t budget last month, but you’ve still got available funds left from October’s paycheque it might be worth holding back on any sprees over the next few weeks. Black Friday itself hits on 23rd followed by Cyber Monday on the 26th, just days before November’s payday, which is really inconvenient if you haven’t saved up.

Amazon are among many other retailers who, this year, have announced that they will be starting their Black Friday sale early, introducing discounts from November 16th until Sunday the 25th. They will then have a final day of discounts, known as Cyber Monday.

Where Are The Best Black Friday Deals To Be Found?

We searched Amazon (albeit a little early) for ‘Black Friday deals electronics 2018’ and, among the handbags and baby clothes (I guess their search operators are designed to target things you might be interested in as much as the things you specified) there are already some great deals on many well-known brands. The goods will be available with a further discount if you buy via Amazon Prime. If you don’t have an account and don’t want one, there is a checkbox to try it for one day only, or there is a months’ free trial in case you’re planning to do more Christmas shopping online.

For the best deals on all the latest tech it’s worth waiting until the 23rd to search for huge discounts, and don’t forget about Cyber Monday, when all the deals which didn’t quite find their target are finally given their final very best reductions online, beating other offers that weren’t available in walk-in shops. It could be that those deals you see on Cyber Monday are final reductions on stock that simply couldn’t be sold even at the previous discount, but you could still strike it lucky.

Of course it’s not just Amazon who slash their prices at this time of year.

Sky will be offering a range of deals for new broadband customers with offers for TV packages too. Curry’s PC World will be discounting many of their laptops, TVs and electronics while Game are scheduled to offer cuts on consoles, headsets and games.

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