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Better Broadband Means Better Prices & Better Customer Service

networking, fibre, fibreoptic, data, broadband data, broadband internetHow have you been treated by your broadband provider recently? Are you happy with the bills and customer service you receive? A lot of people aren’t, and with good reason.

Not long ago Sky revealed that it would be increasing the cost of some of their packages, including broadband, pay TV and phone contracts from April to May this year. EE, BT and Virgin are all raising prices in March, using the Consumer Price Index as a justification.

How Does The Consumer Price Index Work?

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) take an imaginary “basket of goods” which statisticians and economists believe everybody wants and uses more or less every day, and compares the cost of each item against one another and the income of the British Public. The outcome of this number-crunching gives us a handy way to judge inflation, how much a pound is worth in spending power today compared with how much it had last year, five years, or even ten years ago, and how much spending power it has against other currencies, such as the dollar or euro.

Things are added to the CPI Basket of Goods as they become essential to our lives, and get left out as our tastes change. As well as things you would find in a literal shopping basket it also contains a raft of other items and costs, including bedroom furniture, rent, and one of the most recent additions: broadband internet.

How Does The Inclusion Of Broadband Affect Its Price?

Before its inclusion broadband providers only had comparison and competition with other broadband suppliers. If one wanted to increase their market share they could drop their prices and other suppliers would have to match those prices or lose customers. Inclusion in the Basket of Goods means that they no longer only compare prices with one another, but with the price of bread, apples, beds, housing, and shoes. Because it’s now considered an essential rather than an optional household expense it commands a specific fraction of household expenditure, just as food and clothes do. Now, because of recent changes in the British relationship with Europe, the problems we’re having importing and exporting, and the knock-on costs of more expensive imports that means that food has become more expensive. That price increase causes a bulge in the fraction of income spent on the CPI Basket of Goods allocation for food, and consequently the ripples in the cost of living means that everything else goes up too. (Conversely, if food suddenly became very cheap we’d have more money to spend on other things, resulting in more spending power, lower inflation and more high street spending on non essentials as well.)

Increased Costs Paired With Dreadful Service

As a consumer you’re just one household buying data from a huge multinational company. In the grand scheme of things you don’t make the slightest difference to them. So long as you keep paying your bills they’ll keep supplying you with broadband. It’s only when problems occur, as they inevitably do, that you find out what poor customer service they actually provide.

If you’ve ever had to have internet installed you’ll already know the labyrinthine twists and turns you need to go through just to get the cable into your home & router. From appointments that are so vague that you aren’t exactly sure which day to expect the engineer to excuses as bizarre as “internet doesn’t work very well when it has to go up this high” if you live in a high-rise. When you have to call you will rarely come across a human, instead you’ll have to deal with a multitude of robots which are utterly incapable of nuance and offer a list of options from a menu which never includes the problem you’re experiencing. All of which are a matter of cost-cutting to get the maximum amount of share value out of your bill.

Why is Briant Broadband Different?

There are several factors which mean that the product and service Briant Broadband is able to offer you is superior to that which you’d get from any of the major broadband suppliers in the UK market. As mentioned above, you as a single householder have very little sway in terms of securing deals. However, because Briant Broadband has the potential to supply a considerable area surrounding Worthing and the South Downs we’re able to get a better price, and pass that reduction on to you. If you take a look at the broadband page of our website you should find a data package for ultrafast broadband which will suit your needs, and if not, then unlike the major players, we’re negotiable. Tell us what you need and we’ll do all we can to tailor a package that will best suit the way you consume data.

As well as being negotiable, we’re local. Our offices are based just outside Worthing town centre and all of our engineers live locally too. We trust you won’t but if you do have a problem, or you want additional features such as an extender to link your home broadband to an outbuilding or shed you’ve converted into a home office then there’s a good chance our operators know exactly where you live and can book an engineer to arrive at your door at a time which is both convenient and most importantly KNOWN to you. No more waiting indoors, missing work or school runs because all you know is that the engineer probably be there at a set date, our engineers are proud of their punctuality and always phone ahead should traffic or other unforeseeable occurrence delay them.

More importantly, our engineers are skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable. We do everything in our power to supply the kind of service you would expect from a family run small local business. We don’t guess, make excuses, or simply hope for the best. Our installations, repairs and servicing are all carried out to the highest industry standards, we test all of our work before signing it off and only use the best brands from reputable suppliers.

If you live in the Worthing – Adur region and you’d like to consider switching to a local firm who can offer outstanding customer service with a good workforce engagement at a decent price who can offer help from just around the corner whenever you need it, call us! You can reach Briant Broadband on 01903 221999 or just fill in the form so we can call you back with all the information you need to decide if Briant Broadband is best for you

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