Our Latest “Before And After” Cable Installation

before & after, cable installation, rewiring, satellite, aerial, TV, television, expert, professional, skilled engineerWe make mention a lot about our ‘professional cable installation‘ and you may wonder why. After all, it’s just putting cables under floors and behind walls, no big deal, right?

If you look at these before and after photos from a recent job our engineers undertook you’ll start to see why it’s so important to do the job properly. Various different installers of varying degrees of expertise all seem to have had a go at this in the past.
It’s easy be break or damage a cable, especially if you don’t know where it is, and that’s why professional cable installation is so important, whether it’s in your HMO, apartment block, office or industrial unit.

One of the biggest challenges is making sense of the cables, finding which are in use, which, if any, are damaged and replacing them. Not only replacing what was there, but making such a neat job of it that the next person who has to come and look at adding more lines or replacing a damaged cable can look at it and immediately know what is going on, what goes where and what needs to be done to fix it. We hope that we’ve done such a good job that it make the next guy to have to make repairs or carry out any maintenance look good since they only have to glance at it to know what’s up!

cable installation, rewiring, satellite, aerial, TV, television, expert, professional, skilled engineerWe Take Each Cable Installation Personally

The reason we’re so professional is that we take responsibility for our work. We don’t just throw things in and hope for the best. All of our work is signed off personally by the engineer who carried out the work and we know who attended each job, so if there were any damage to occur in the future we’d try our best to have the same engineer attend as they’d be familiar with the installation and the building itself.

Installing cables professionally, and taking full responsibility for the work increases our reputation with other trades as well. Doing a great job now means that next time you need an electrician, plumber or gas fitter to carry out any work they too will be able to do their job without worrying what this cable or that is, is it a power line or just an aerial lead? And if we can let them do their job faster and more efficiently then again, that’s all the better for you.

Experienced Installation Engineers Who Are Proud Of Their Work

Unfortunately our experience with these kind of poor installations isn’t at all rare. As residents often choose to take up different TV and data contracts at different times a slew of installers will all have had a go at putting new cable in. Their skill and ability will generally range from the expert through the ‘No Job Too Small’ handyman, right down to the overconfident DIYer. And with that comes a risk. But removing all the old redundant cable and wiring, making sure that each apartment, flat or residence has sufficient cable and sockets, not only for today, but for the future too, all installed at the same time in a logical, expertly executed process eliminates many of the risks associated with amateur installations.

cable installation, rewiring, satellite, aerial, TV, television, expert, professional, skilled engineerIn addition to television aerial and satellite dish and cable installation, this professional attitude is extended to all of our data and fibre optic installation work as well. Since fibre optic installation and repairs can’t be carried out with a pair of side cutters and pliers the work we do is specialised and expertly carried out. And again, because it is such specialised work, we take great pride in making sure we do an excellent job and take personal pride in signing off each job upon completion.

Working With Architects, Project Managers, Property Managers And Landlords

Architects looking for specifiers, project managers looking for experienced expert data, TV and home entertainment installers, home renovators looking for expert advice, and property management companies and landlords looking for professional communal building aerial and satellite dish installers should all talk to Briant Communications on 01273 465377 or email enquiries@briantcomms.com to book a free, no obligation initial consultation and price estimate.

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