Bayside Building Bringing Better Broadband

Worthing’s Latest Luxury Apartments Enjoy Unlimited Superfast Wireless and Fibre Thanks To Briant Broadband

The Bayside building in Worthing is now completed and the newest residents have moved in, and among the features their homes enjoy, unlimited super-fast broadband as a utility from the property managers is just one of the perks.As soon as a new householder moves in to the new Worthing luxury apartments they can just plug in their computer, TV and smart devices and all the data they need is right there on demand. No searching around for the best deals, no exorbitant telephone line rentals, just ultra fast fibre broadband from cable connections and unlimited superfast wireless broadband when they want to go cable free.

How? Well, it’s all down to the latest local broadband data provider in Worthing, Briant BroadbandBriant Communications installed the fibre data network to the building, and suggested to the property managers that they might like to come to an arrangement. If Briant Broadband supplied the hardware and data, they would get access to the roof where they installed a wireless broadband transmitter. The advantages were clear; the property managers were able to provide cheap broadband as a utility, every home deals with the same provider, there is an engineer who’s local to Worthing on hand far faster than when dealing with any of the main players in the market place, and maintenance is always carried out by people familiar with the building, the area, and even a few of the residents.


What does Briant Broadband get out of the deal?

As well as getting a number of clients onto the books in one fell swoop, Briant Broadband has sole management of the fibre network which was installed into the Bayside building, making doing the engineer’s job a good deal easier as they won’t have to worry about competing for space or access with other fibre data providers. Another advantage is that Briant Broadband get to install a wireless broadband transmitter on the roof of the building. In the first instance it ensures that every home has both wireless as well as fibre broadband, but there’s much more to it than that.

Briant Are Broadcasting Broadband From Bayside

The transmitter on the roof of Bayside is capable of delivering digital wireless broadband to every home in the Worthing area. Because of the way the transmitter works, if you can see the transmitter from your home, you can almost certainly get your wireless broadband from Briant Broadband.

What Are The Advantages Of Getting Wireless Data From Briant Broadband?

When you deal with Briant Broadband you get superfast wireless speeds from a small, independent Worthing based company. When you call or email us to sign up you won’t be dealing with a call centre thousands of miles away, you’ll be talking to someone who lives in the area and works around the corner. Briant Broadband have two offices, one almost opposite the Bayside building and another a few minutes’ walk further into Worthing town centre.

Because Briant Broadband are local to Worthing the engineers all know the area very well. That means that they’re able to get installation over and done with in no time, and if you do have any problems an engineer can be round as soon as possible to fix it: so no waiting in all day for an engineer; you know you exactly when they’ll be there. In fact, if you don’t get wireless broadband to your home within 48 hours you will get your first month’s data FREE*

Because Briant Broadband are small, they’re also flexible. There are a number of basic packages for you to choose from, packages which should suit your needs however you use the internet. On the other hand, a reason why you want a tailored package better suited to your needs, such as you’re a holiday let owner and your property isn’t occupied all year, or you want to stop, start or pause your subscription then the flexibility promised by Briant Broadband means you have that option.

In fact there are six reasons you should choose Briant Broadband

  • Superfast wireless data. You can stream movies, listen to music, check your socials, play online games and much much more
  • Unlimited data. Your package might limit the speed of your data, but the data you get is unlimited. Even the slower data packages are so fast that you’ll never know the difference anyway
  • Tailored to your needs. If paying monthly doesn’t suit you, why not pay for a year or 18 months? Alternatively stop, pause, or restart your account whenever you need
  • Reliability. You can connect instantly to your Wi-Fi as soon as you get home, in fact you can use it wherever you like so long as you’re in sight of the Bayside transmitter. And if you have any problems our local engineers are always on hand
  • Flexibility. You can save money by taking out a contract or paying a lump sum at the beginning of a year or eighteen months, or pay monthly without a contract. Pay monthly and you can pause, get out, or re-start your data whenever you need
  • Local. Briant Broadband engineers are just minutes away in the case of an emergency, and the office staff are just by The Stein Gardens in Worthing, so you know you’re dealing with your neighbours

Briant Broadband are keen to get people on board. If you sign up and then recommend a friend then you will get a month’s free internet EACH*! Briant Broadband’s receivers are quick and easy to install so if you’re approaching the end of your contract, you’re not happy with the data speeds you’re receiving and you don’t believe the data you get is close to what was promised by your current supplier, then get in touch. Our no contract packages mean that we’re perfect for students too, there’s no need to get tied into a long-term contract which exceeds your tenancy, there’s no digging or installing cables, we just attach a receiver to an existing aerial mast.

So if you live in Worthing, or simply close enough to see the roof of the new Bayside Building and you’re in the market for superfast wireless data without the hassle of contracts and dealing with a faceless corporation, get in touch!

*Terms and conditions apply. Call 01903 221999 to find out more.

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