Home Cinema


The cinema is somewhere that feels natural; whether a first date or a Sunday afternoon with the kids, everyone loves the cinema. So why watch your favourite films at home, through second-rate broadcasts and standard definition quality video when at an affordable price we can set-up an amazing TV viewing experience, and bring Home Cinema into you’re lives.

We can provide:

Flat Screen TV & Projector Installations
Small and large flat screen TV and Projector installs. If you are unsure of what suits A quick evaluation from one of our engineers will determine whether would benefit you more.

Bespoke Design & Installations
A ‘one of a kind’ fully personalised home cinema to accommodate for your exact needs.

FREE Estimates & Advice
Our engineers can survey your property and discuss your requirements while providing money saving advice.

Free Advice & Estimates

A young, friendly pair of engineers installed a new 50′ LED TV with hidden speakers, they were great.Sam Powell, Crawley

What is a home cinema?

home cinema

A home cinema, also referred to as a home theatre, is an entertainment system that is designed to reproduce the cinema experience and mood, with the help of visual and audio equipment typically located in a private home.

The home cinema is commonly mistaken as something that is used to watch only films/movies when in actual fact, it can be used to watch; Sport, Entertainment, Music, News and more within a touch of a button. Also streaming devices such as Netflix, Gaming Consoles and even a Laptop, they can all be seen and heard upon these systems.

How far can I go with a home cinema?

It could be as simple as having an improved audio device in place instead of the TV’s already built-in speakers, such as a sound bar or even better, a 5.1 surround-sound system. Or it could mean changing the visual device from a TV to a projector screen which is often a firm favourite. Alternatively you could go all out and dedicate a whole room to the home cinema and have the room custom-designed so you get the best cinema experience possible. This would mean designing and planning the room and home cinema layout…. and this can be integrated with a home control device if you have one or if you are thinking of turning your home ‘smart’.

With a home cinema system from Briant Communications, get the look and sounds of a Cineplex (Cineworld) at a fraction of the cost you believe it to be…