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Briant Communications have been fitting satellite dishes and aerial antenna in Worthing, Brighton, Crawley, Portsmouth, and throughout the South of England for over thirty years. In all those years we’ve picked up a vast amount of experience working in hard to reach over-head locations. Flat roofs, pitched roofs, chimneys and bare walls, blocks of flats, and office buildings, you name it, we’ve successfully attached a receiver of some kind to it! From ladders, to cherry pickers, even abseiling in to get the job done, our engineers have the skills to install and maintain satellite dishes and television aerials wherever is necessary.

Because receivers, especially satellite dishes, need a clear line of sight to the transmitter for the best reception possible, placing your receiver in the perfect location is key for the perfect picture you receive. It’s not fair to have to compromise, so you need experts in over-head working, and that’s where we come in.

A lot of our work, in regards to hard to reach and special height installations, comes from Sky engineers themselves. Because of Sky Television's internal working practises regarding over-head working, they may simply not be allowed to install a satellite dish for you. However, they can recommend you to us. We have the training, experience, certification and insurance required to undertake these installations meaning that once we've been to install the equipment, you are free to enjoy your Sky+ and SkyQ packages without any further problems.

If your aerial or satellite dish is old, damaged by storms or rust, loose or misaligned it could be dangerous. Getting it down, resecuring, realigning, or replacing it yourself could be a difficult or hazardous job. Briant Communications' engineers are reliable, skilled and insured to take on that kind of work, and do it quickly and with the minimum of fuss. We also do temporary repositioning. If you're having scaffolding put up or any kind of roofing work you may need to place your TV dish or aerial elsewhere while the work is carried out. Briant Communications are more than happy to move your satellite dish or aerial antenna for the duration of the work and replace it once the scaffolding is due to come down again.

Excellent TV Reception

Installing a satellite dish not only gives you access to the many free to air and subscription services which are available over the digital network, it also allows you to access thousands of telly channels from Europe, the Middle East and beyond. Keep up to date with sports, news, documentaries and features from broadcasters with satellites in the northern hemisphere.

We don’t just do new installations. If original over-head installation was difficult, then it may well require an abseiling engineer to carry out any repairs or routine maintenance. After storms and gales we often see an upswing in call-outs from customers whose aerials or satellite dishes have been dislodged or misaligned. Tree branches, and even birds nests can all have a detrimental effect on the quality of signal you receive. Regular maintenance prevents these problems before they arise. Unfortunately, servicing is something which is overlooked until people notice they have an issue with their TV reception. However, since each of our engineers has a van loaded with all the equipment that any job could require, on the spot repairs are never a problem.

So, for all your over-head, hard to reach receiver repairs and installations in the South of England, give us a call, and we’ll swing into action!

Removal, Replacement, Realignment And Temporary Relocation

If your satellite TV dish or aerial antenna is damaged, rusted, misaligned or dangerously loose we can repair, replace or simply remove the dish or aerial. It's not uncommon for satellite dishes and aerial antenna in the south east to be buffeted by the high winds and rain we get during storms and eventually this will have a detrimental effect on your TV receiver. Briant Communications are not only expert over-head installers, but we can safely remove or realign television receivers which have been bent or moved by the storms we experience every winter. We also undertake temporary relocation work if you've got scaffolding up or there is roofing work going on at your house. We can easily temporarily reposition your satellite dish or aerial mast on the scaffolding itself, or on another part of the roof until the work is concluded, when we can return it to its original position.

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We provide premium subscription packages from major broadcasters here in the United Kingdom and abroad, including Sky Italia & Deutsland, Bein Sports, Digiturk and many more. If you're interested in additional foreign services, please call to enquire about our range.

We also have hybrid TV subscription packages which we can supply and install. A one off nominal payment can secure the subscription plans for a sample period. These include the popular French platforms Fransat and TNTSat and TivuSat from Italy and provide all the popular French channels in HD.

In addition to new installations we can maintain and service any satellite system. Whether this is a fixed or motorised system, our skilled engineers use the latest diagnostic equipment and knowledge of specialist satellite receivers like Dreamboxes and Linux based boxes to ensure perfect pictures and superb sound.

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