4G Interference

4G interference is fast becoming the biggest issue of interference within communal TV systems, due to the nature of the how a TV system operates with a launch amplifier and splitters. You may be an existing client of ours, or perhaps new to us; regardless we are able to assist with any 4G interference you may be experiencing.

We can provide:

Cost Effective, Rapid Resolutions
When masts are turned on and tenants lose channels due to the 4G interference, our highly trained engineers can diagnose and repair issues in a timely manner, ensuring TV viewing is back up as soon as possible.

Specialist Materials Held
No one likes waiting for stock to arrive, especially when the stock will repair the issue so we have fully stocked vans and stock room, to ensure no one is waiting longer than required to get their TV reception back.

Free Specialist Advice...

Initial instruction to survey a block, through to installation Briant Communications have always communicated very well, their staff are courteous and resident feedback has always been positive.Paul Taylor, Parsons Son & Basley, Bognor

What is 4G interference?

4G Interference4G is commonly becoming more of an issue as Telephone companies are trying to provide as many people with 4G on their mobile phones. Our engineers can quickly determine if your property is being affected by 4G interference and if it is, quickly provide you with solutions to fix the issue.

Lately Briant Communications have been working with ‘at800’, a company setup by the UK mobile phone operators to help deal with any TV reception issues that may arise from the new coverage of the 4G mobile phone signal. If your clients have recently started having problems with their TV reception chances are it could be down to the new 4G mobile phone transmissions. Our engineers are working in partnership with ‘at800’ and have been fully trained and assessed on identifying and rectifying 4G related faults.

Why use Briant Communications?

The answer is simple, we have been setting the standards in the TV Aerial & Satellite Dish Industry across the South-East for the past 30 years and have well over 50,000 satisfied customers. A prompt, hassle free visit from one of our experienced engineers will have your TV viewing just how you want it.