Briant Broadband And CityFibre Bring Full Fibre To Worthing

full fibre, fibre installation, cityfibre, fibre broadband, broadband internet, internet service provider, By 2025 the UK should be well into the process of withdrawing copper cables for broadband and phone lines, having replaced a projected minimum 85% with fibre optic cable instead.

The plan is to swap from outdated copper phone lines to gigabit fibre technology with the least interruption possible, so if your current cable comes under the ground that’s where the new line will go. Similarly, if your phone or broadband cable comes via a telegraph pole, that’s how your new fibre connection will be made.

Many homes are already connected to Full Fibre technology. Many others are connected to Fibre to the Cabinet, a broadband system which takes advantage of both copper and fibre to quickly and cheaply give better (but not gigabit broadband) internet to homes and business.

Briant Broadband are working closely with CityFibre to make Full Fibre available to as many people in Adur and Worthing as possible. CityFibre are one of the national infrastructure providers who’ve been retained to make the 2025 broadband rollout a reality. Among others, they are responsible for installing millions of kilometres of fibre optic cable from data centres through exchanges to streets throughout the country. Once it’s in place it’s up to companies such as broadband ISPs like Briant Broadband to connect the end of the fibre filament to a router in your home so you can enjoy up to 900 Mbps with complete reliability. Read more

What Are The Advantages To Contractless Broadband?

Image courtesy of working from home, contractless broadband, wireless, full fibreWhen you’re looking for a new broadband deal one of the factors you have to bear in mind is the minimum contract period, and the terms of that contract. Why not forget about all that by taking up a contractless broadband deal?

When you’re tied into a broadband contract the minimum term of the contract will mean that you can’t go to another provider until that period is over. If you have no problems and get amazing customer service along with the best prices on the market then getting tied into a contract isn’t a problem. However, if you find a better deal or the quality of service isn’t everything you dreamed of then not being able to leave can be costly.

Most broadband internet providers offer contracts which are 12, 18, and 24 months long. You might be getting the best price for broadband at the beginning of the contract, but new offers from other companies and price increases from your own will make being in contract less and less appealing.

Why Not Choose A Broadband Provider Which Doesn’t Do Contracts?

Instead of getting tied into a contract it makes more sense for a lot of people to go contractless broadband instead. Most broadband ISPs don’t offer the flexibility of no contract plans. If you’re in a 24 month contract you pay for every month of those two years. If you want to change your plan you may be able to if it’s another of your current supplier’s deals, but you may have to pay admin fees or re-start another full term contract period from the date you change. Read more

Choosing A Broadband Internet Service Provider For Your Business? 5 Things To Consider

shop, retail, business, broadband, ISP, wifi, chip n pin, contactless, shoppingAny business today needs fast reliable internet in order to operate. Retail business needs a website which can take orders, do social media marketing, run card machines while businesses which provide hospitality need all that and free Wi-Fi for all their customers too.

During the lockdowns a lot of businesses survived, some even flourished, by shifting their business models from high street sales to online ordering plus delivery. First and foremost among them are take-aways and supermarket deliveries, but lets not forget the people who weren’t able to keep doing their regular jobs so made side-hussles and hobbies their new careers.

In order to be able to do so, and to keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family, reliable, fast, unlimited broadband was key. The need to be able to advertise and market products on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and to Zoom, hold Teams meetings and call internationally for free.

As we move forward, putting lockdowns behind us, how can established businesses adapt to the ‘new normal’ and how can small businesses, start-ups and individuals turning hobbies into money making schemes ensure they find the best broadband service providers? Read more

Now is the best time to upgrade to Superfast and Ultrafast Broadband

superfast fibre, ultrafast fibre, fibre broadband, broadband, internet, internet dataFibre broadband is being rolled out throughout the UK, a project which should see more than 85% of homes throughout the UK having access to Gigabit data before the end of 2025.

With every day that passes more and more people are able to access fibre broadband at superfast and ultrafast speeds, and those who aren’t are seeing other options emerging. You can get mobile Wi-Fi from most mobile phone providers if you don’t use much data per day, or you may be able to opt for wireless broadband. While wireless isn’t as fast as Full Fibre, it is still many times faster than broadband delivered over copper telephone lines which is how many of us still get our internet.

Who Needs Faster Broadband?

You may be quite happy with the speeds you already receive. If you’re on a standard package on a copper connection you could be receiving 50 or 60 Mbps which is fine for streaming a movie or downloading a high quality album in a few minutes (or seconds if you don’t mind sacrificing a little sound quality for faster downloads and more tunes on your device). If you’re looking at newspapers or online magazines you might notice it takes an instant for pictures to load because all the ads are fighting for the same share of data. Read more

Briant Broadband Is Having An Autumn Sale!

broadband sale, broadband bargain, broadband offerChoose our 150 Mbps plan and you’ll only pay £24.00 for the first six months you’re with us*

Briant Broadband have a special offer, making our best value Full Fibre plan even better.

Choose our 150 Mbps plan and it’s yours for £24.00 per month for the first six months of your time with us. 

150 Mbps Ultrarfast Full Fibre date is great for the average data user, it’s plenty fast enough to browse the web, stream movies, download music and upload photos, movies and reels, and with it you get Briant Broadband’s friendly, expert, local customer service, a month FREE for both you and your friend if you introduce them to our service, no contracts, no line rental or other hidden fees.

It’s Full Fibre to the home so it’s the most reliable, stable way to buy broadband and if you find that 150 Mbps isn’t fast enough you can change your plan whenever you like. Choosing faster speeds means more people in your home can go online at the same time, play games without lag, download Ultra HD movies in no time, and enjoy all the other benefits of Superfast and Ultrafast broadband.

Full Fibre also means that we are able to guarantee the speed we promise. You might notice other broadband companies say “speeds up to” in their advertising, meaning that you might not get the speed you’re expecting at all, or you might only get it once in a while, so long as nobody else in town is using the internet at the same time. Full Fibre puts an end to that as we’re able to use fibre optic technology to ensure you get the speed you expect all the time, no matter how busy the network is. Read more