Slow and Unstable: The Most Common Broadband Complaints

local broadband, fast broadband, Worthing broadbandNow that we’re using broadband to power all of our media consumption, from TV to social media, podcasts, even downloading books we can read when we’re not doing ‘screen time’ it’s more important than ever that we have high speed, reliable connectivity. It’s also why it’s so infuriating when we don’t get what we need.

And now that many of us live with robot helpers who carry out mundane functions around the house, such as Smart Home Security cameras and sensors, Smart Speakers, and Smart environmental controls the need for reliable data has never been greater. Smart devices may not use much, but to work properly data needs to be constantly available.

As many as half of all broadband customers have experienced at least some disruption to their broadband service over the last year, according to a survey conducted by Which?, the champion of consumer rights magazine.

Their survey took in 4,000 consumers and found that much lower than expected speeds, dropping out, complete internet outages and problems with routers were among the most perennial problems people were likely to have.

How fast is the internet where you are? Use Cityfibre’s broadband speed test to find out now.

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Why Choose Briant Broadband Superfast Wireless?

superfast wireless, wireless broadband, worthing broadband, sussex broadband, worthing wirelessBriant Broadband is the only truly local Worthing based broadband internet service provider, offering superfast wireless or Full Fibre solutions to everyone in the wider Adur and Worthing area.

Briant Broadband are partnered with Cityfibre, who are currently installing and connecting homes in Worthing, but what if you’re not in one of the towns or villages at the top of their list for installation?

That’s where Briant Broadband’s Superfast Wireless comes in!

Homes and businesses which aren’t due to be connected to Full Fibre in the immediate future could easily and quickly be connected to Briant Broadband’s superfast wireless service instead. Many of the people who come within our coverage area have never been well served by the best known internet service providers before. Slow connection, unreliable service and high prices have been a problem for people of the South Downs for some time, but Briant Broadband aims to put an end to that.

Instead of connecting you to the internet via a phone line or fibre optic cable if you choose wireless we can install a receiver in next to no time. And once you’re connected you’ll be able to receive up to 200 Mbps (depending on the wireless plan you choose) meaning that you’ll be able to stream movies, download music, share files and browse the internet faster than you ever have before! Read more

Briant Broadband is different from other Internet Providers

internet, broadband, data, computer,It’s easy to think all broadband internet providers are all the same. In fact there are many things which separate us all from one another, not least our ethos and the way we treat you as a customer.

You’ve no doubt had a contract with one of the big high street names such as Virgin, BT, Sky or TalkTalk before, and if you have you’ll know how lumbering big companies can be when it comes to problem solving and customer service. You call and have to navigate labyrinthine options before you get to talk to a human, if you ever do. The call centres are located miles away and so busy you feel you’re just a number to the operator. Then your problem is treated flippantly, and if an engineer is needed you’re booked in, but the exact time the technician will turn up remains a mystery, meaning a day indoors waiting.

Briant Broadband isn’t like that.

Here at Briant Broadband we believe in offering friendly, expert customer service from a team of staff who are local to Worthing. What does that mean? Well, we promise to get you connected to the internet within 48 hours of your agreeing to use our service, or we’ll give you a month’s broadband for free. We also offer an ‘Introduce a Friend’ scheme where you can get a month’s free data each when you introduce another user to our service. Read more

Who Are Briant Broadband?

broadband deals, superfast broadband, ultrafast broadband, contractless, contract free,Briant Broadband was established in 2020 to service a need which we had identified in Adur and Worthing; that of reliable, high speed, affordable wireless and Full Fibre broadband. We supply superfast wireless broadband with speeds up to 100 Mbps via receivers which we install within 48 hours of agreeing to take our service. So long as your home is in ‘line of sight’ with our transmitters in Worthing you will be able to receive first class superfast broadband.

If you want faster speeds, or you’re in a shadowed area where the masts can’t be seen then our Full Fibre superfast and ultrafast broadband packages are just what you’re looking for. With Full Fibre (powered by Cityfibre), that means installing fibre optic cable which goes uninterrupted from your home to the local exchange, so you get reliable, stable data at speeds up to 900 Mbps.

Briant Broadband offer a much larger range of broadband packages than our competitors, and there’s a reason for that. Because Briant Broadband are a truly independent data provider (we don’t just re-sell other another company’s product) we pride ourselves on our flexibility. We want our customers to be able to increase or decrease their data speeds depending on their use and budget. If you find that you’re service is actually too slow you can increase your speed with a call to our Worthing based offices. On the other hand if you feel you’re not using as much data as you expected you can cut down on your costs by choosing a lower speed option. ‘Good old fashioned local customer service’ is our watchword, so we do this for you without hassle, or admin fees. Read more

What Do You Get From Briant Broadband You Don’t Anywhere Else?

broadband supplier, ISP, worthing ISP, worthing broadband, worthing, internet, data, full fibre, fttp, fast fibreYou’ve probably noticed recently that there are many more internet service providers on the market than there used to be, all offering similar prices and similar speeds while trying to compete with the companies we all know well, such as Virgin, Sky and BT. Because they are all so similar, it can be hard to differentiate between what they offer, and why you should choose any one over another.

We’re not here to put anybody down, so we’ll just talk about what Briant Broadband brings to the game.

One of our most important unique selling points to us is the fact that we’re a genuinely local Worthing based business. That means several things to us:

Firstly because we’re local we’re part of the Worthing and Adur community. We’re not just a business who sells a product, we’re a company who provide a service to our neighbours.

Secondly, and more important to our customers, we are able to move quickly. When you call us you’re dealt with by people in our Brighton Road office, or even a company director in Stanford Square. Once we’ve checked availability in your area we promise to get you connected to the internet within 48 hours or we’ll give you a month’s data for free once we get you up an running. Read more

Briant Broadband say “Challenge Us!”

challenge briant broadband to install wireless or full fibre internet within two daysWhile most other broadband providers will send you a modem in the post or via a courier if you’re staying on ADSL, or give you an date when an engineer can come and connect you to the network if you’ve chosen to switch over to Full Fibre broadband. Briant Broadband say “We’ll get you connected in 2 days, or give you a month’s data for free!”

Briant Broadband are your genuinely local to Worthing broadband internet service provider, which means that we’re always nearby and on hand to install equipment and answer any queries you have. No far-flung call centres for us! When you phone your call will be answered in our offices just outside Worthing town centre. And it’s because we’re local we’re able to say “Challenge Us!”

When you call, or we reply to your online enquiry, we’ll establish where you live and what level of service you require. Depending on your precise location and needs it may be a week or two before we can connect you to Full Fibre right into your home, so in the meantime what we will do is provide you with a wireless receiver ensuring that you don’t go without broadband internet until we can get the fibre optic cable from the local exchange to your door. Read more

Why Should You Choose Briant Broadband?

When you’re shopping around for a new broadband internet service provider there are a range of different things you need: speed, reliability, and a good price. The great thing is, Briant Broadband has that and more.

Briant Broadband provides a wide range of different plans, more than just about any other broadband provider on the market. We pride ourselves on our flexibility when it comes to the service we provide to our customers. When you take out a plan with Briant Broadband you’re not tied into a contract like you are with other providers. If you find that the plan you start with turns out to be unsuitable you can change it. If it’s too expensive you can go to a slower package for which we charge less, or, if you’re not getting the speed you need you can move to a faster plan. We’ll adjust your bill accordingly, but we won’t charge you an admin fee for changing. You can also pause your package if you’re going to be away from home for 30 days or more, because we don’t expect you to pay for something you’re not using.

How does that equate to so many plans? Well, because we have several plans stretching from £22 per month to £40 per month it makes it easier for our customers to budget. So if you found that your 100 Mbps plan was too slow the next level up is our 150 Mbps which is only a few pounds more. Without the range of plans to choose from the next stage up would cost at least £10 a month more. Read more