Bayside Building Bringing Better Broadband

Bayside Building Bringing Better Broadband

Worthing’s Latest Luxury Apartments Enjoy Unlimited Superfast Wireless and Fibre Thanks To Briant Broadband

The Bayside building in Worthing is now completed and the newest residents have moved in, and among the features their homes enjoy, unlimited super-fast broadband as a utility from the property managers is just one of the perks.As soon as a new householder moves in to the new Worthing luxury apartments they can just plug in their computer, TV and smart devices and all the data they need is right there on demand. No searching around for the best deals, no exorbitant telephone line rentals, just ultra fast fibre broadband from cable connections and unlimited superfast wireless broadband when they want to go cable free.

How? Well, it’s all down to the latest local broadband data provider in Worthing, Briant BroadbandBriant Communications installed the fibre data network to the building, and suggested to the property managers that they might like to come to an arrangement. If Briant Broadband supplied the hardware and data, they would get access to the roof where they installed a wireless broadband transmitter. The advantages were clear; the property managers were able to provide cheap broadband as a utility, every home deals with the same provider, there is an engineer who’s local to Worthing on hand far faster than when dealing with any of the main players in the market place, and maintenance is always carried out by people familiar with the building, the area, and even a few of the residents.
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Futureproof Your Digital Broadband By Choosing The Right Technology

Image courtesy of broadband, computer, work, home, Anyone developing a building project on the south coast will be concerned about future proofing the property. But knowing what technology today is viable for the future and what will be superseded by better technology is almost impossible. If only we could count on reliability, quality and availability to help us make up our minds, but it’s not that simple either. Betamax was better than VHS. It was better quality, and there was no reason that Beta video recorders wouldn’t have become smaller and lighter in the fullness of time. So why did VHS take over?

JVC was interested in making cheap, readily available video tapes for the home. While Sony were heavily invested in music and cinema production and distribution, giving them all the networks they needed to monopolise, they failed to capitalise on their advantage as they refused to license Betamax technology to other companies. This was their major mistake as JVC were happy to let other manufacturers and licensees produce their cheaper VHS tapes. This meant that you could essentially get any other movie except a Sony production on VHS.

By the 90s we’d seen too many alternatives come onto the market and disappear. In the 80s there was laserdisc, VHS, Betamax, cassette, they were followed by CDs DVDs, Minidisc and finally MP3 and MP4. After Minidisc there was a rush to invent the next media, technology companies were looking for the next music and video storage system, but the record industry was against it. Technology was over-proliferating the market so there was a risk that nobody would buy new devices because they were worried that their new hi-fi or video player would be obsolete before the warranty had expired. A moratorium on new technology lasted for a few years while Minidiscs proved popular, useful, but unfortunately other technology was sneaking up behind. Read more

Broadband Problems? How To Get Out Of A Bad Contract

local broadband, fast broadband, Worthing broadbandWe’ve all received bad service and not got the satisfaction we feel we deserve. But if you’ve signed a broadband internet contract and you’re not getting what you wanted, here’s how to kick up the right kind of fuss!

There are few things more infuriating than not getting what you want, especially if you’re paying your own hard-earned cash for it. As kids we’re taught to live with disappointment, but as bill paying adults who aren’t getting what was sold to us or what we ordered, we reserve the right to kvetch!

If you order a pair of shoes or a dress online and they pinch, or the fit is wrong for your shape, you just send it back and get a refund or replacement. Simple. If you get a random product as a substitute in your grocery delivery you roll your eyes and hope for better luck next time (while wondering what on Earth was going on in the head of the person who substitutes a salad with a chocolate bar, or condoms with a pregnancy test!).

But what about when you’re not receiving a product or service such as broadband data that was promised? There are several things which can, and do go wrong with your Internet Service Provider, some are unavoidable, some take a bit of effort on their part to fix, and some are so chronic that you have the right to leave your contract early without incurring penalty fees or other additional costs.

Consumers who live in out-of-the-way areas may find that they’re not going to get gigabit data for the foreseeable future, fibre to the property might be a long way off and Wi-Fi might not be deliverable. These are all things the call centre agent you’re on the phone to simply can’t fix. However, if these problems genuinely can’t be avoided then the Internet Service Provider should make every effort to offer you a deliverable alternative which is reasonably priced. If they can’t, you simply shop elsewhere. Read more

Congratulations on Your Smart Doorbell

smart home security, cctv camera, home cctv, home security,Now let’s look at how to get the most out of your smart doorbell, from improving battery life to recording motion detection.

Over the past 18 months we’ve all become used to being in all the time. We’ve been shopping online rather than going to the shops, and we’re always in when the delivery driver brings our goods to the door. Now we’re finally coming out of lockdown (again) there are habits we’ll probably keep, and many we’ll lose as soon as we get used to being back in the open and enjoying society again.

Even people who are otherwise resistant to digital technology have managed to get to grips with ZoomFacebook and all the other socials which made staying in touch with the family so much easier than it would have been without them. People who previously couldn’t programme their TV to record an entire series were setting up pub quizzes via Zoom and dominating WhatsApp groups like never before.

Now that lockdown is almost over and with vaccination it looks like they may be a thing of the past, shopping from home still looks like it’s going to be one of those habits which persist. It’s convenient, retailers have been working on perfecting it for years, and after the numbers of online sales, they now have lived experience of making it work in volume long term. But there is one drawback. Although we enjoy shopping online, we won’t always be in to accept deliveries any longer. So what are we going to do?

Smart doorbells and access control solutions are precisely the piece of kit you need in such situations. Smart doorbells have several applications and advantages which people have always been keen on. You don’t have to run to the door every time it rings as you can just see who’s at the door and open it wherever you are, so if you’re in the bath, in bed, or at the bottom of the garden you can see who’s calling and decide if you want to let them in, or ask them to come back later, or even inform them that you’re calling the police.
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